Week 21

The main event this week: the project has been accepted by two major publishers who said they were ready to produce the game. We expect the drafts of their contracts next week. The conditions that have been proposed would allow us to develop the game under good conditions, and would provide marketing and promotional support worthy of our ambitions for the game.
We are all quite happy here with this news, obviously, with a month still to go before the deadline we had set for the end of the pre-production. We have decided to keep working as though nothing had happened, though, and we will keep up our negotiations with other publishers until a contract is actually signed and sealed. Considering that we are in pretty advanced negotiation with other publishers, we should probably recieve some additional solid offers in the coming days.

In terms of the development, we have decided to stop extending the city for now and to concentrate instead on the area of a neighborhood we've already got, as well as the interiors. The scene we are handling contains more than 35,000 polygons - the maximum that can be held in RAM without using swapping. The rest of the city will be loaded from the hard disk using our dynamic transparent loading system.

Olivier is currently working on the scenery, refining some existing elements and adding more detail. Pierre has finished the pharmacy, the first store "open" in town. We have put the pharmacist behind the counter; her face is animated using motion capture. Fabien, our Main Programmer, is now working on sound synchronisation, and the interlacing of facial animations with voices. Next week we will begin the first camera adjustments. Antoine has been working on some fundamental adjustments to the 3D engine's source code.

Our next deadline is the middle of next week when we will be doing a major presentation of Omikron to the Marketing Managers at Sierra. We hope to be able to show the real time animation of the pharmacist's face, since this is the most recent and most impressive development in our demo.

After five months of development, nearly all of our technical objectives have been met. The remaining month we've got for pre-production will be spent optimizing the 3D engine and setting up the bases for the game play (especially the sneak, the game's main interface).

Soon we hope to announce the name of the publisher who will produce Omikron.

Stay tuned...

Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream

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Week 21 Monday, February 24, 1997

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