Week 7

This has been a busy week with preparation for the script for the prototype and the texts for the voice recording session which will be used in the dialog sequences in the game. They will be mixed and synchronized with the Motion Capture of faces. In addition to the dialogs, I also had fun with advertisements and a television news program which will be placed on giant screens in the city and on the Transcam, the TV network in Omikron.
Motion Capture of facesMotion Capture of faces
Bernard Bittler brought the story-board of the film in computer-generated pictures which we will try to present at the Imagina Film Festival in Monaco. This film involves a chase scene on anti-gravity motorcycles between Betsy and policemen in the streets of Omikron. Everyone likes the story-board, but we aren't sure whether we can finish it in time. Pierre, Antoine, Olivier and I have decided to do as much as possible in the next two weeks to finish the city. We could then use the final two weeks to do the calculation (the deadline is December 15).
On the programming side of things, we are going to start working on the 3DFX. Fabien has gotten quite far with the software version of the engine. He has integrated his Scanline display part into Antoine's mathematical programming. He is also in the process of interfacing his collision routine (calculated face by face) and his BSP tree.
As far as the graphics go, Pierre has assembled an entire street. Olivier has finished the bike slider, the anti-gravity motorcycle.

Autor:David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream
Language: English

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Week 7 Monday, November 18, 1996

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