Week 13

Fabien is continuing to integrate the new animation sequences with Philippe. The basic actions for the adventure are now available: walk, run, jump, move back, two standing positions, picking up an object and others. In general, those who have seen the gale think it has impressive animation. Just watching the character fold his arms while waiting for the player to do something is really surprising. (As is the weight in the animation when he brakes to stop running.) The animation is so realistic that you get the impression you are watching a video. Motion Capture is really going to be one of the major assets of Omikron.
Olivier is continuing to increase the size of the city. The buildings now have doors that can be opened. Pierre has finished our first interior setting, the entrance hall of a residential building. After mkaing a few maps for Olivier, he is now working on the "Statue Square", one of many squares in the city. In addition, we are getting a few vehicles to move around in the streets, based on pre-determined trajectories. This gives the city some life.

Antoine has programmed a fog in Gouraud that covers the setting in a mist - this eliminates the need to display distant objects. He has also begun the Z-clipping, which means elimination of distant objects. The objective of these routines is to be able to control large settings while only to calculate what is really on screen. To do this we get rid of everything that isn't visible, by various means. At the same time, Fabien is working on the collisions. We have set up an algorithm that controls down to the pixel level - this should avoid problems like having a character go through a wall by mistake.

The final Game Design for Omikron is now being translated into English, along with a Technical Design, the Bible of the Scenario and verious other technical documents. The first contact with publishers is going to be soon. We are now ready to meet with the main ones: Electronic Arts, Virgin, Psygnosis and others. Keep tuned: we will let you know about these contacts as they happen.

We keep getting a lot of e-mail from players. Many of you have written to say that you appreciate the siter and are impatient to play Omikron. Thanks for your support. Keep writing...

Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream

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Week 13 Monday, December 30, 1996

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