Week 2

The installation of the hardware was completed with an (almost) flawless setup of the network. Olivier finished the first playable character, a female soldier from the Militia whom we've named "Katzeva". Pierre has practically finished Syao, a Eurasian smuggler.

Discussion was heated amongst the team to decide whether we would develop a software based engine or one for a 3D card. Although we all agree that the future will be with 3d cards, the market right now is not solid enough. A few phone calls to friends working as producers at different games publishers did not offer any substantial help. Within the team, we tend to favor the card solution, except for Fabien who feels that, even if a software engine might be less impressive from a graphics viewpoint, it will be a better showcase for the combined skills of all of us. We decided to leave the question open for the time being and to continue getting further information.

Antoine is continuing his work on the mathematics of the engine, which will be required whatever the outcome. Fabien has begun programming an intelligent adventure manager, which we have decided to call, ingenuously, the IAM (Intelligent Adventure Manager).

Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream
Language: English

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Week 2 Monday, October 14, 1996

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