Week 18

Yet another mad week of work! We worked over the week-end to finish version 1.5 of the demo that will be shown to English and American publishers next week. It will include quite a few additions over the previous version, 1.0:
- it will have four playable characters (Uzal, Aroumsha, Katzeva and Betsy);

- the number of passers-by and vehicles in the streets will be doubled;

- new combat animations will be added, including some very spectacular ones: a Shaolin Tao (a sort of dance that imitates a combat with imaginary adversaries) and several combos;

- it is now possible to open doors and go into any building, take an elevator and visit a three room apartment;

- the city has been considerably enlarged. Quite a few new buildings have been added. Bridges that can be walked on and elevated public squares have been modelled;

- in terms of programming, Antoine and Fabien are going to integrate a first version of the object overlapping manager - this should allow us to improve the frame rate even more.

Release 1.5 is a very important step for us to take. It is the first real version of what the final game is going to be. Based on its quality, publishers are going to judge us and decide whether or not they are interested in Omikron.

Contact was made with three new publishers this week, all of them very interesting. What we have been able to confirm for now is that there are few, if any, products that can compete with Omikron, whether technically or in terms of the concept of the game. This coming week will allow us to see more clearly: we have appointments with Virgin, Electronic Arts, GT Interactive and Eidos. Next week we will let you know how they reacted. We are also planning a trip to the US in two weeks to go meet with American publishers.

We will be posting some screen shots from Release 1.5 very soon.

That's the news for this week. Stay tuned.

Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream

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Week 18 Monday, February 03, 1997

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