Week 8

This week the graphics team concentrated on the Imagina film. Philippe has set aside the animations for the time being so he can help Pierre and Olivier on the decors for the town. We decided in the beginning only to participate in Imagina if it didn't slow down the progress of the game development. We now realize that it is going to make us lose some time all the same.
The outside settings of the city are just about finished; at least those that will be in the chase sequence in the film (about one quarter of the settings intended for the prototype). We will begin to work on the special effects (explosions, lasers, etc.) next week. We have so far kept to the schedule we originally set.

Tao of Kung Fu in Motion Capture with Uzal
On the programming side of things, Fabien has finished setting up the routines for collisions. The first tests seem promising. Antoine, even after getting two wisdom teeth pulled, has finished programming the deformable faces. Our first demo is working at last (a Tao of Kung Fu in Motion Capture with Uzal, one of our Real Time characters). According to our schedule, we should begin to work on the Game Play for combat at the beginning of December. It looks like we will make that timing. That gives us a week to fine tune the engine, perfect the collisions and touch up the animations.

The press has begun to show interest in our project. This makes everyone in the team more than happy. An article about us will be appearing in the French magazine "Joystick", and France 3 Television (the Microkids show) and Canal Plus (Nulle Part Ailleurs variety show) will be coming by to visit.

The morale in our ranks is brighter than ever. The idea of being the first to make a combat game using characters with deformable faces (even Virtua Fighter 3 doesn't do it) is mighty encouraging. We are going to need all the enthusiasm we can muster in the coming weeks, as we need to prepare Imagina and the CES in Las Vegas, where we would love to present something and make our first contacts with publishers.
from the left: Tony, Antonie, David, Stefan, Xavier
This week we also welcome Xavier to the team. He is responsible for sound effects and is going to be kept busy with all the lasers and pneumatic doors we are working on. Keep smiling, Xavier ; -)

As for me, I will be using the weekend to put the final touches onto the dialogs which are scheduled for recording next Saturday in our studio. Details on that next week.

Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream
Language: English

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Week 8 Monday, November 25, 1996

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