Week 6

A slightly unpleasant week, highlighted by the mysterious crash of my computer. I am now working on a laptop, which I am not thrilled about.
On the programming side, we have finally received the Power VR from Videologic, one of the 3D boards we will be developing for. This news had Antoine, our programmer, jumping up and down around the studio. His excitement only lasted until we figured out that our BIOS and our graphics card (Diamond 3S) were strangely incompatible with the Power VR. So we called Videologic's technical hot-line (Richard Hudson, very nice guy and very competent), changed our video card, and have started working again. The demo on the Power VR has the whole team drooling over the possibilities offered by working with this card.
In terms of graphics, Pierre and I have decided to begin assembling the city in real time. I feel we have enough raw material now to go to work. In the last few days Pierre has done the Variable Weather Center, a lookout tower and some new building fronts.

Last week Olivier completed Betsy, our little mischievous student, by adding hair in opaque sheets and a mapped photo for the face. The result is more than convincing. This week he completed UZAL, the policeman the player encounters first in the game. I myself am very satisfied with the result. Now Olivier will convert it to real time so that we can have both a man and a woman for testing the animations.

Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream
Language: English

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Week 6 Monday, November 11, 1996

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