Weeks 29 & 30

The Feet/Fists Fighting part of Omikron is starting to take shape. Jean-Charles has developed the initial Game Play routines while Antoine is finishing GALE, our animation publisher. The character controlled by the computer is already giving a great variety of blows, moves around the player's character and repositions itself depending on the latter's position. The collisions have also been added with a reaction animation. An impact animation is linked to every blow (by our GALE publisher) for the character who receives the blow. The difficulty consists in accurately detecting the collision between fist and head, for example, and in playing the corresponding impact animation as quickly and accurately as possible. The result is starting to be interesting. Particularly since light and shadow are managed in real time on both characters in a real 3D set.
The work with our animator Tony is continuing. We have integrated a great number of combos and other special blows. The fighting part is really starting to be fun: the animations are impressive , and there are so many blows that it is easy to get into a rhythm without really knowing how you did it. This is what we liked most in games like Tekken and we are hoping to be able to reproduce the same sensation.

Hakim is making significant progress on our real time cinematic utility (RAM). It will allow us to control all of the player's independent animations by aligning camera movements and sounds to the nearest frame. Fabien has decided to take on camera management, so that Omikron will not suffer from the tricky problem of cameras passing through walls. He is working on a ray-tracing algorithm which should bring an original solution to this problem. If the final routine is fast enough, we should also be able to use it for the behavior of certain enemies (detection of the field of vision) and also for projected shadows (the shadow moves depending on the position of the light and bends on the walls).

On the graphics side, production is carrying on normally. The Catacombs level should start this week and the level of the snows (which promises to be especially beautiful) will be completed this month. The characters are coming along fine. Philippe is working this week on our first demon.

Still plenty of rush this week due to a major meeting at Eidos (Publishing Meeting). This is the chance for us to show the Eidos managers (and in particular the marketing team) what Omikron will be. Everyone worked very hard to show as much as possible.

More news and pictures of the game very soon.

Stay tuned...
Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream

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Weeks 29 & 30 Monday, December 08, 1997

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