Week 4

No spectacular breakthrough this week, but we are beginning to reap the benefits of the groundwork we put in since the beginning of this first month. At the graphics level, Tony has drawn up the list of the animations for the complete game. Omikron should have more than 500 animations, and over 400 of these in motion capture. A record, certainly. We are not aiming to get into the Guinness Book of Records, but we do want to give the players the maximum we can in terms of the number of actions.
We are now making animations to suit the body functions of the character incarnated by the player. This is important. Depending on whether the player incarnates a man or woman, a hefty hunk or a small child, the player will be given specific animations and a special combat technique. This will be one of the strong points of the game. Transition between animations is another important point, making them as natural as possible.

Tony has spent some time retouching character handling. The Game Play was a bit slack, we felt. Adjustments to the motion capture have put this minor problem straight.

We've also incorporated the collision animation, where the character gets run down by a car. The first time Fabien integrated it, we had a great half hour getting the cars to run us down. The impact is really spectacular, and the character is flung violently backwards. Why rack your brains for complicated adventures, when you can have good fun with the simplest of effects? ;-)

As regards the rest of the game, things are going ahead as expected. We haven't been too badly affected by the extra, unscheduled work due to the E3 demo. Stephane and Corentin are continuing to enhance the city's textures, and this has improved it spectacularly. Pierre has virtually completed the shoot sequence in the air conditioning ducts. He's now working on the next sequence, Gandhar's grotto.

See you next week for new adventures.

Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream

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Week 4 Monday, June 09, 1997

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