Week 6

The preparation of Area 1 has progressed well this week, Olivier and Eric having decided to work overtime to meet their schedule. Pierre has temporarily dropped the Prahoma prison so as to give them a hand. The new area (a gloomy and filthy area of the lower city) will be graphically much finer than that of the demo. All the architecture has been reworked, as well as most of the textures. Our producer did not see why we wanted to reconstruct Area 1, the old one seemed just fine to him. I think that when he sees the new version, he will understand...
Elisio and Stephane have virtually finished the paper designs of Area 3. Plenty of documentation and research for this area which we hope to be amazing, both graphically and technically. Francois for his part has finished the first demon of the game, which the player will have to fight bare-handed.

On the programming side, Antoine has put the finishing touches to the 3DFX demo which will be presented at the E3. In particular, he has improved the clipping (clipping being the elimination of surfaces not in the camera’s field). Fabien is carrying on the interface, with integration of the double-tap and the Sneak, the main interface of the game. Several technical difficulties have to be resolved, since the whole interface of the game is in real time 3D, to preserve the graphical consistency and retain the possibility of certain camera effects.

Otherwise, it is (still) the E3 that looms over our thoughts. One month ago, Eidos was intending to present the game « Backstage » just to journalists and professional visitors. Then the decision was taken to present the game to the public in free demo on a machine. In the end, Omikron will be screened on two stations on the Eidos stand, plus an extra station on the 3DFX stand.

Furthermore, the press is also starting to talk about the game, with two pages in the English magazine Edge (picked up by Next in the US) of next month, one page in Joystick, a double page in Playstation Magazine, plus other U.S. magazines. Let’s say, everything is going pretty well for the time being.

The presentation at the E3 will allow us especially to position ourselves compared to the competition, both technically as well as on the level of the game concept. With on the same stand as us, people like Ion Storm (John Romero) and Core Design with Tomb Raider 2, it could be said that the bar will be set pretty high. We hope to do nicely out of it, and draw attention to our real time city and its passers-by animated in Motion Capture, and above all our unique technology of Motion Capture on a real time face.

Full report on the E3 next week right here. Do not miss the next adventure of Quantic Dream in Atlanta...

Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream

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Week 6 Monday, June 23, 1997

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