Week 19

A major milestone this month, as we have set ourselves the target of completing the dialogs and the system for managing the sliders (anti-gravity vehicles). Simon worked on the dialogs while Fabien was programming the manageability of the sliders. Of course the goal is not to make a Wipe Out within the framework of an adventure game, but just to allow the player to drive around the city in a slider amidst other vehicles and passers by. We're trying to make the game play simple and pleasant so as to really give the player the impression of driving an anti-gravity vehicle.
For months there were only pedestrians in the streets of Omikron, now you can drive about! A new and fun way to visit the city.
Hakim has programmed a navigation system for vehicles run by the computer. Now they'll be able to drive around the city at random. They will stop at intersections and give way to others. We may just keep open the option of having a few virtual accidents.
Our new animations editor developed by Antoine and designed by Tony, our animator, can now be used in its first version. With it we can easily view the animations in our 3D engine. This gives Tony real control over his work by enabling him to view his animations directly in the game. He can also define the way animations link up as well as the controls applied to them. In the coming weeks Antoine should be adding the management of a second character and work on the Fists/Feet combat game play can then start.

The Playstation version is coming along well. Fred is working on real time face Motion Capture, something no one has ever done before. Converting dialogs for Playstation poses a certain number of technical problems linked to CD management. Fred has already solved most of them.
In the graphics department Pierre, Corentin and Natalie are making progress with their main objective for the end of the month: completing all the interior decors for Section 1 of the adventure. Philippe has made some new characters. In particular, he spent the week working on the strip tease artists er... I mean modelling strip tease artists.
The dialogs are coming along as planned and should be finished for the end of the month.
Be here next week. See you then.

Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream

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Week 19 Monday, September 22, 1997

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