Week 2

This week was devoted to preparing a demo for the Atlanta E3. Eidos decided to make an official presentation of Omikron in Atlanta, both on the image wall and in an interactive demo version. Omikron will be the only Eidos game to come out in the second half of next year which will already have been presented at this stage.
The modifications we want to bring to the demo, as compared to the demo we presented the publishers, involve increasing the number of passers-by and vehicles on the streets, to give the real feel of a lively and animated 3D city, for the first time ever in a video game. We've added in vehicles which fly and land on the streets, anti-gravity motorbikes, passers-by who walk, a man and a woman kissing on a street corner, and another telling a passer-by where to go. Everyday street scenes, in a word. We feel the result is really impressive, especially as adjustments in the 3D engine have meant we can step up the frame rate a little.

Design side, we've changed paper illustrator and graphics policy. Elisio, our new draftsman has been working for a week on the new look to Uzal, an Omikron policeman, the first flesh and blood character in the game (no more bioman-style red tights!). After protracted negotiations with the team, and lots of heavy discussion about visual appeal, we finally made our minds up. We really like the new Uzal, although we'd actually got quite used to the other one. Elisio is carrying on working with the cyber-devils.

On the programming side, the Playstation development kits have finally arrived (Omikron will be developed on PC and PSX). Simon, our new English programmer, is working on the IAM (Intelligent Adventure Manager), our 3D adventure editor. I think this must be one of the highest performance and most useful all-round of today's adventure utilities. It should be possible to program the whole adventure from icons in Windows. The main advantage is that IAM can be used by someone who has no notion of programming at all, the Game Designer, for example, who can now program the adventure virtually on his own. A dream come true.

Hakim, one of our other new programmers, is working on a Windows graphics editor which will make it easier for us to build up the city than with 3DS, and in particular edit the decor for the shoot sequences Game Play far more simply. Frederic has been working on a compactor while awaiting the arrival of the PSX kits.

Pierre will be handling the shoot sequences. He has designed the decors and the Game Play. His tremendous experience on games like this (Duke among others) will be particularly useful. (His pseudonym is Wolf. If you meet him playing on the net, knock his head off, that'll teach him a thing or two about life. Better still, gang up on him and get him from behind preferably. He's a tough critter, and deserves everything he gets...)

Stay tuned. New adventures next week.
Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream

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Week 2 Monday, May 26, 1997

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