Weeks 27 & 28

These last two weeks marked the entry of the development into the "Rush" period. The count-down has started, since we are now five months from the end of the game, and three months from the end of the graphics production. Five of our programmers should be available as from January to program the Game Play full time. 90% of the game will be directly integrated by our adventure publisher IAM. This should go fairly fast, thanks to a sound design on paper and a system of direct debugging/testing. There will however remain a part that must inevitably be coded directly onto the hard disk. On the programming side, Jean-Charles and Fabien have been working on the optimization of the engine. They have gained some 5 frames/second, which is far better than we had hoped. Our engine is now definitely the fastest currently available with this quality of rendering.
The Playstation version is also advancing fast thanks to Fred's efforts. The collisions are now integrated. At the end of the week, the broad outlines of the conversion should be almost finished. As from next month, development should be moving ahead in parallel between PC and Playstation.

With Tony and Antoine, for the last two weeks, we have been working 12-hour days to integrate the bases of the Feet/Fists fighting. We have already reached good maneuverability of the characters for the adventure part, with in particular a good compromise between the beauty of Motion Capture and the Game Play. The fighting continues with the animations of a character 70% finished. The result is starting to be interesting. We are eager to get the chance to meet an opponent. The week coming up is again going to be tough.

On the graphics side, Pierre is working on the exteriors of Omikron (it is possible to leave the town at a given time in the game) while StEphane, Olivier and Eddy are working on the interiors of Section III. Our two new girl recruits (one from Delphine and one from Kalisto) are hard at work under Philippe's guidance. Some forty characters still have to be created. Philippe is spending some time training the newcomers into certain specific techniques that we use.

As for the Game Play, we have been working for some weeks now with an American designer from Eidos who in particular created levels for Tomb Raider. His experience of Game Play will undeniably be an advantage for us, especially for the shoot sequences. He is also important for us as an outside fresh eye on the screenplay. That's all, folks. I'll try to find five minutes in the week to give fresh images of the game. See you next week.

Autor: David Cage
Source: Quantic Dream

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Weeks 27 & 28 Monday, November 24, 1997

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