First Look: Quantic Dream's Quark

The Quantic Dream, the French developers reasonable for the PC title, Omikron: The Nomad Soul are now working on a new PC title and has released the first details and images from it. Quantic Dream clams that, "Quark is a 3D real-time Action/Adventure game that takes place in two parallel universes, a medieval world full of wonder and fantasy and a realistic contemporary world. The main character, Waki, is a young adventurer who fights against the void which is eating away at his realm. With the help of his animal friends he sets out on an adventure that takes him through the vast world of Quark. On a parallel with this adventure is that of his sister, Una, a young orphan girl abandoned in London. She has also undertaken to unravel the mystery linked to the danger that threatens her universe."

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The strong points :

* The possibility of managing the animals that accompany the heroes, and taking control of them in order to use their characteristics and specific powers, offers new game possibilities that have never before been exploited.
* Travel between two parallel universes with totally different characteristics: a fairytale world on the one hand and a realistic London that is sombre and disturbing.
* Complete freedom of action in a non-linear scenario.
* Real-time combats and previously unknown powers.
* A game that exploits the technologies developed for Omikron while renewing them with a uniquely intelligent engine, advanced dynamism and powerful tools.

By: Gary Kaczmarek
Source: Gaming Media

First Look: Quantic Dream's Quark Monday, February 07, 2000

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