Omikron-2 (KARMA)

Omikron 2 Exodus as a predecessor of Omikron Karma concept art
Name: Karma; Omikron 2; Omikron 2 Karma
Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Unknown
Genre: Action/Adventure/RPG
Date release: 2010/Delayed?
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Omikron Karma is planned for rising generation of consoles. It is a very large project, very ambitious technically but also conceptually. We want to pass at the following stage, to create the most beautiful city imagined in 3D, a real world fascinating recipient of the play. There is a large work of returned for the next gen', of managements of blur, an important artificial intelligence. One will be able to control vehicles, to build robots and especially to establish and develop confidence and love, friendly relations with other characters.


  • Omikron 2 Exodus (predecessor of Omikron 2 Karma)



    6/22/2008 Paris GDC: Quantic Dream Considering Second Next-Gen Title (English)
    "Despite the company's cancellations and delayed productions, Fondaumière disclosed that Quantic Dream could be readying itself to take on an additional project: “Our strategy was to create one big game for next-gen, but it’s only now that we’re thinking of creating two games with two studios.”


    6/27/2006 Mayerem Chat with David Cage (English, French)
    I read, that Heavy Rain, from its creation, will cancel TNS2, because Quantic could not work on the 2 projects at the same time...

    2/09/2006 WT Interview Quantic Dream Q&A. (English)
    This is more than a rumour, as we have started to work on this very innovative and very challenging project (Omikron 2, called KARMA). However, you shouldn’t expect this title anywhere before 2009. Quantic Dream will be developing another title before that. It is actually already in the making, we have a deal in place.


    11/25/2005 EDGE: VideoGame Culture David Cage Interview (English)
    We're working on two new projects for next-gen consoles. One will continue to explore the Interactive Drama format we initiated with Fahrenheit, pushing it much further in concept, game play, narrative and technology. The other one will be a very ambitious Action/Adventure/RPG title called Karma, which is kind of a spiritual sequel to Nomad Soul.

    9/29/2005 Adventure Gamers chat with David Cage. (English)
    Omikron Karma and Infraworld are in two different genres, but after having designed Indigo Prophecy, I must say that I feel unable to design video games the same way again. I will definitely inject what I learnt on this game in my other games, although they may not be interactive dramas like Indigo.
    The important of characterization, narrative and emotions is something I only started to fully understand on Indigo.

    9/22/2005 Quantic Dream choose Malaysia (English)
    According to SBV, the development of Karma is scheduled between July next year and June 2008. Most of the animation and model building will be done in Malaysia, and this will require 35 3-D model artists and animators.

    8/30/2005 Quantic Dream Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor in KARMA. (English)
    Quantic Dream is making maximum use of the AGEIA PhysX™ processor for its sequel to Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Quantic Dream has been integrating extensive physics functionality into KARMA using the AGEIA PhysX SDK. When these features are hardware-accelerated by the AGEIA PhysX processor, players will experience a depth of interactivity and realism never before seen in electronic games. The AGEIA PhysX processor will be available on PC add-in boards in late 2005.

    8/20/2005 Entrevista David Cage (Spanish)
    El interés de tener una versión multiplataformas (NDRL, Fahrenheit saldrá para PC, PS2 y X-Box), una versión razonable para PS2. Para PC, se analiza la configuración del jugador y las opciones gráficas. Y funciona sobre aparatos no muy potentes. Pero si a la inversa el jugador dispone de una máquina potente, podrá darse el gustazo de jugar en 1600 x 1200, con anti-aliasing, etc.

    8/03/2005 Quantic Dream - David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumiere interview (English, Hungarian)
    In these type of games, you have no real choice. You need to do what is right. We are really lucky at Quantic Dream to have had the time to do things the way we wanted. The same thing happened with Omikron 2. We really had the time. Often in development you have a publisher who says things like "Oh no, that should be green or that should be blue." It is very difficult for a publisher to try and say something when the design is so complete.

    7/19/2005 Interview David Cage (French)
    Omikron Karma est prévu pour la nouvelle génération de consoles. C’est un très gros projet, très ambitieux techniquement mais aussi conceptuellement. Nous voulons passer à l’étape suivante, créer la plus belle ville imaginée en 3D, un monde réel prenant partie prenante du jeu. Il y a un gros travail de rendu pour les next gen’, des gestions de flou, une intelligence artificielle importante. On pourra piloter des véhicules, construire des robots et surtout établir et développer des relations d’amitié, d’amour et de confiance avec d’autres personnages.

    7/19/2005 Fahrenheit Interview de David Cage (French)
    Cinématographiques pour la plupart. Moins dans le domaine du jeu vidéo, car j'ai peu d'estime pour la narration dans ce milieu, ni pour ses standards. J'ai envie de me démarquer des autres jeux.

    7/15/2005 Inspirert av «Fight Club» og «Seven» (English)
    I am currently writing Omikron Karma for PS3 (keep that for you, it is still secret...).

    4/06/2005 Omikron 2 announces the development (English, Chinese)
    Quantic Dream is finalizing initial design documents for two next-generation projects: OMIKRON 2, the sequel to Quantic Dream's first PC hit, and INFRAWORLD, a new franchise.
    Both projects are aimed at X-Box 2, PS3 consoles and for PC and will be developed on Quantic Dream's proprietary next gen' engine. The later will offer enhanced physics capabilities through a recently signed partnership with NOVODEX and a range of action orientated features. Talks are also being finalized with major middleware creators to integrate enhanced AI capabilities. More news soon...


    11/24/2003 Exodus: Myth or Reality?. (English, French,Russian)
    Nomad Soul represents more than two years of our lives, and it is always a real pleasure to see that people enjoyed the experience we have created. When Nomad Soul was released, Eidos asked us to start working on a sequel (codename : Omikron 2 Exodus). A lot of people are now waiting for this game.


    1/12/2000 Gamespot: Omikron Team Interviewed (English)
    We sit down with Quantic Dream to get to know more about Omikron2 and why the original game was so heavily delayed.


    11/09/1999 Creative Synergies: The Development of Omikron (English)
    Quantic has been quoted as saying that the world of Omikron 2 is already being laid out. What can you tell us about that project?
    All I can say at the moment is that the devious mind of David Cage is thick with cunning ideas and gaming revolutions. Don’t forget, Omikron is a parallel universe; it doesn’t just go away when the player is done! There are already a number of people anxious for a return to Omikron, so keep an eye on those computer screens!

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