Who I am?

First of all. No, I'm not working in Quantic Dream (QD), thought there was no suggestion :), I'm just old fan of them.

What for?

That starts in 1996 from their (QD) first appearance in the Web. Search was arrived me to page with unknown game project, as I remember. Ideas for the future project was amazing, and that makes me looking for an years for Quantic Dream growing. It was so unusual to imagine full interactive cinema (yes, Omikron was first interactive cinema, not Fahrenheit) that I collected info day by day (not so periodically unfortunately), and keeps that on my HDD.
Looking for their independent way to make cinegames (I like that therm: "cinema+games"), reading stories about how it can be, and waiting long time for release version moves me to create several single pages about Omikron on forbidden hosting in early 1997.
In last quarter of 2005 when I saw interest gone from most of the fan projects to this French group, I decided to create something like a blog. So, all I had, placed in date of appearing and now you can see how is it. I prefer to name it historical site. It collects interviews, reviews, plans, diaries, stories about QD. Most of the sources already dead too.. but you can read at pages of this source, collected most of media and stories.

Whos Quantic Dream?

Quantic Dream is the pioneer in the genre of cinegames, and Omikron and Fahrenheit become a hits when released. French developer with own commercial project that allows them have a resources to work on what they want.

Why only QD im looking?

No it is not. I'm interested in some other projects, that allows me to use PC as a instrument to play with imagination. But there are great or less number of people can tell about that projects much better then me. So I prefer to stay user-reader. The second reason easy. I respect QD for living and staying independent during many years. Only 2 game projects released, but they are not "kill them all", "pet your animal", "take this and push other side of the world", "collect diamonds". It's a successful game play that allows to dig inside yourself and open eyes on simple stories with wide angle and makes you interact with something strange. In brief "play with imagination". Released projects shows non doll personages and scenery, with a deep worked stories and what I like most of all.. freedom of choice. Of course, not ideal, but I think it's a technical problem, and of course not that lie most of other developers feed us every new project.

What I wait?

Omikron amazing, atmospheric several dimensions world, that broke the glass between you ("you" who sitting at the keyboard and reading this) and computer, with the great music themes with the highly detailed world (that time of course, thought most detailed then some games now). Great balance between living and fighting for live.. Only thit days we can see something like in MMPORG. Unfortunately, Omikron is not multiplayer.
Fahrenheit - interesting way of story telling, unwaited turns, ugly control, controlled freedom of resolves, but.. had you know much about Indigo Child before it? It rised interest to that. And this is not a fiction. We step in the age of people mind control, age of technology and mystic of imagination. Schizophrenia the most popular example of that world, that's why David so often use this therm in public. No one know where our mind limits. Some people uses it in commercial, poor fools that covers under stomachs and process of making children.
Of course mind inside flesh thats need feed, but its not the reason to make feeding the aim of being.
Emotion the key of entering the world of strange minds. Non material, non measured, no valued. Aha, you can say we saw emotions in some games?
No. Thats not emotions. Thats tamagotchi way. You see smile and sad but you can't experiment with a great number hidden emotions we meet in real life. Replaying such project we can emulate different results. Of course developers must have powerful knowledge about it. I think they consult professional minds and collaborate it experience of cinegame. That's why Heavy rain is the most waiting project.
Also my dream to see more information not only from the big bosses. Specially about forbidden projects.


I want to keep it free for an years, thats why Google services used for hosting. Even if my interest will go away of this, Google the most stable resource I can use to leave this blog somedays.
Great respect to people that makes this blog available. First of all that Quantic Dream, and of course Google team and fans whos I'm too lazy to list here. If I missed something or you know it was wrong, or you want to give interview or you have a translation to another language feel free to contact me anytime.
Some links can be broken, sorry, and I would be very appreciate to know about it.

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