Gamespot: Omikron Confirmed For the Dreamcast

We confirm that Omikron is now headed to the Sega Dreamcast.

As previously reported by GameSpot News, the PlayStation version of Omikron: The Nomad Soul was cancelled by Eidos last year. According to the company, the decision to cancel the game stemmed from the PlayStation's inability to handle the complex world of Nomad Soul. After this was learned, rumors suggested a possible next-generation version could be in the works - with a Dreamcast port being a likely solution (since the Dreamcast and the PC have similar architectures).

During a conversation with Quantic Dream, the development team behind Omikron, we confirmed that a Dreamcast version is indeed in the works. The port is coming along smoothly, and it should be released around March or April. So far, there has been no mention of what alterations might be made to the game for the console release.

Our conversation also led to another stunning bit of information: Quantic Dream is also working on a sequel to Nomad Soul. While no details could be mentioned, we'll hopefully have more information for you soon.

Autor: Axel Strohm
Source: Gamespot

Gamespot: Omikron Confirmed For the Dreamcast Friday, January 07, 2000

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