Name: Infraworld
Developer: Quantic Dream.
Publisher: Non published
Date release: Canceled
Stage release: motion capture 2 days, 5 actors, 13 minutes delivered.



2/09/2006 QT interview Quantic Dream Q&A (English, German)
Infraworld, at date, is cancelled. The concept did not appeal to publishers.


9/29/2005 Adventure Gamers chat with David Cage (English)
Omikron Karma and Infraworld are in two different genres, but after having designed Indigo Prophecy, I must say that I feel unable to design video games the same way again. I will definitely inject what I learnt on this game in my other games, although they may not be interactive dramas like Indigo.

4/06/2005 Omikron 2 announces the development (English, Chinese)
Quantic Dream is finalizing initial design documents for two next-generation projects: OMIKRON 2, the sequel to Quantic Dream's first PC hit, and INFRAWORLD, a new franchise.

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Infraworld Wednesday, April 06, 2005

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