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Raiding the Security HQ

Enter Kay'l's workplace again and head straight for Boog's office. Engage Boog in conversation and present him with his gift: the Erotic Poster. As a token of his gratitude, Boog gives you something even more valuable: a Security HQ Master Key. Next, go to Den's office and Use his badge to unlock the door. Open Den's cabinet to find a Memo and a Scrawled Note. Rifle through Den's drawers for Den's Apartment Key.

As you leave Den's office, Tarek sidles up to see how things are going. You can tell him as much or as little as you wish; he just wants to tell you that you can count on him.

A Cry for Help

As you leave HQ to go to Den's apartment, you receive an urgent call on your Sneak from a beaten and bloodied Telis. She needs you at Kay'l's apartment immediately. Hop in your Slider and get over there.

As you enter the apartment, notice a piece of paper on the floor. Pick it up and read Telis's Message. Jump back in the elevator and head to the roof; you'll go there automatically when you activate the lift.

Up on the roof, you find a beaten Telis kneeling at the far end of the roof. Approach her. She tells you that a demon came to the apartment looking for you. It wanted your soul. She was scared, but now all she wants is for you to hold her. Be wary as that's not Telis after all. As you watch, Kay'l's wife transforms into a skittering, vicious demon.

Do battle with the she-demon to the death. If you lose the fight, you will be left for dead on the roof. Luckily, Syao, a nimble thief, happens upon your lifeless form. Your soul transfers to her body along with all of your belongings. If you win the fight, you may collect five Magic Rings and proceed, still housed inside Kay'l.

No matter which body you inhabit, go to the elevator. As you step inside, you are stopped by an apparition who has much to tell you. She looks vaguely familiar. You receive some disquieting knowledge.

Den's Apartment

Descend to the street and catch a Slider to Den's apartment. Enter the building and Use Den's Apartment Key in the elevator.

Den's apartment is laid out much like Kay'l's. Look around the living room, taking note of the white tiger statue by the door. Note also the Transcan terminal and the tiger portrait near the bedroom door.

Enter the bedroom and have a look around. Note that the layout is again similar to Kay'l's home. Approach the night table and pick up the wedding picture. Notice the Rings in the corner and approach the armoire on the wall. Snag the Double Waver Ammo.

Next hit the showers and pick up Den's Small Key. It's in the corner, so you'll have to look carefully. Exit the shower and pick up the newspaper on the bed. Use Den's Small Key on the chest. Gather up Mana Potion +35, a Large Medikit, and 200 Seteks.

Return to the living room. Recall the note you found in Den's office. Approach the tiger statue and press Action to push it out of the way and expose a button; push it to open the tiger picture on the other side of the room. Approach the safe hidden behind the tiger picture and press Action to access the combination entry pad. Enter 7-2-1-3. The safe opens, revealing Den's Map, Pass for Security HQ, and a Transcan Tape.

Stand in front of the Transcan Player and Use the Transcan Tape to view its contents. What you see is Den telling everything he knows about your investigation.

Tarek, the demon-possessed traitor, has slipped into the room after you. He is very pleased you have found this evidence so he can destroy it. Since he's already taken care of Den and Anissa, he is very excited about killing you. Tarek reverts to his demon form to completely enjoy the pleasure of ripping your soul out of your body. Be ready to fight Tarek.

If you win this fight, claim five Magic Rings. If you lose the fight, the theft of your soul is interrupted by the arrival of a neighbor. Alarmed by the noise, Plume has rushed in and becomes, against her will, the new host of your wandering soul.

Quest for the Power Rod

Depart Den's apartment and summon your Sneak. Direct it to the supermarket in Zone 9. North of the supermarket's front door, meet the monk who will guide you to the Sorcerer's Shop.

Give the monk Telis's Talisman and follow him to the secret Sorcerer's Shop. Glance at the Rings rotating left of the counter and approach the shopkeeper. The sorcerer tells you that he can forge a Power Rod only if he has a piece of the evil thing to be destroyed.

Thankfully, you have the sample from the corpse at the Morgue. Use it to give it to the shopkeeper. He's impressed and makes your Power Rod.

Infiltrating Gandhar's Office

Leave the Sorcerer's Shop and head straight for Security HQ. You still have Kay'l's Police Badge in your possession, so you still have full access to HQ no matter what body you inhabit. Descend to the Ventilation Room on Level 5 and walk to the four-way intersection at the end of the hall. The doors ahead and to the right are locked for the moment. You will be returning to this intersection several times.

At the intersection, turn left and follow the hallway. Go through the door into the ventilation control room. Walk to the large window overlooking a set of gigantic fans. Left of this window is a card reader. Use the Pass for Security HQ you found in Den's wall safe to open the switch room to the left. Enter the switch room and pull the switch on the console. Watch as the horizontal fan grinds to a halt.

Turn right and activate the black switch on the wall. This opens the window to the fan chamber. Walk to the window and press Jump to leap into the water below. Swim to the right and keep your eyes open for a tunnel leading out of the pool. Surface and pull yourself out of the pool.

Stop to pick up a length of Electric Cable and proceed up the hallway, through a door, and back to the four-way intersection. Return to the control room and stand in front of the electric panel along the wall. Use the Electric Cable in front of the panel to short-circuit the fan engine. You'll see the side fans wind down and the other door at the four-way intersection draws open. Leave the control room and return to the four-way intersection. Go through the twelve o'clock door and approach the inactive fan at the end of the hall.

Jump onto the horizontal fan blades in the center of the chamber. From this point, there are three hallways leading off of the fan. Recall Den's Map: you want to go to the hallway to the right. Run down the hall and through two doors. Through the next door is an elevator. Activate it by pressing Action. Exit the lift and turn right at a T-intersection. Find a set of Rings and continue down the hall.

Cross a bridge and continue toward the end of the hall. The floor, however, suddenly drops out from under you and you fall into the commandant's office.

The Gate

As you approach the stairs, you meet an old friend. The demon you met at the beginning of the game appears behind you and wants another piece. Beat him down. If you lose this fight, there will be no rescuing your soul; no one comes to save you.

Before proceeding, pick up five Magic Rings, a Life Potion, and a Dodge Potion. Stroll behind Gandhar's desk and open his drawer. Extract a pass to the Jaunpur district. While standing near the open drawer, press Action again to activate a switch built into the drawer. A panel opens.

Face the panel on the wall and press Action to access it. You will need to enter the combination you got from Anissa. To open the door, illuminate the following buttons: Line 1, Button 6, Line 2, Button 4, Line 5, Button 3, and Line 6, Button 5. Go through the green portal.

Walk toward the cave passage. As you go, you meet a mysterious apparition. Converse with him. He addresses you as "Nomad Soul" and conjures a set of Rings. This serves as an auto-save position. As you head down the passage, you switch to Shooting Mode with your Power Rod armed. Walk carefully down the hall, plugging any of Gandhar's minions who assault you. Before touching the bridge, shoot all of the creatures milling around the edges of the room or they'll cause you trouble during your fight with Gandhar.

Approach the bridge in the center of the room to meet Gandhar in his true form. He dives into the lava and emerges as a gigantic beast. Take cover behind any of the rocks around the edge of the room and direct your fire at Gandhar's head. If you are killed, you'll start over at the auto-save position.

When you vanquish Gandhar, he and his Gate plunge into the fiery lava below. Mission accomplished. As the cavern collapses, your character runs for a newly created hole in the wall.

Heading for Jaunpur

Jump into the pool of water and surface in the city streets of Anekbah. Jenna waits for you as you emerge. She congratulates you on your success and advises you on your next move. You are to go to Jaunpur with your pass and meet a man named Yob at the temple. He will take you to "someone who wants to talk to you."

Before departing, however, visit the beggar north of the restaurant on Tahira Street. Give him the Life Potion. He gives you your reward and a pass. Go to the portal to Jaunpur. You will need to show your pass to the Mecaguard to enter. If you are still inhabiting Kay'l, you will have a small problem: Kay'l has been listed as a fugitive by Commandant Gandhar. The Meca will blow you to smithereens rather than admit you.

Luckily, a nurse, Ysmala'n, touches Kay'l's body and his soul transfers to her. Since the Mecas are expecting Kay'l, you can avoid this fate by approaching the portal with any inhabitable character other than Kay'l. If you already involuntarily inhabit another character, you can pass through unmolested. If you're still in Kay'l, you can simply let his fate play out or jump into any of the inhabitable characters in Anekbah or Qalisar.

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