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Research at the Library

Immediately upon your arrival, head for the library on Lahoreh district's northeast island. It's a massive building with a pyramid on top. As you enter the stacks, you get a message from Jenna. She tells you the location of the new Awakened base, right here in Lahoreh. You'll find it near the bank, southeast of the library. You'll go there a little later.

Explore the perimeter of the library's Main Reading Room. Pick up any stray books you find on the tables. You should be able to pocket: "Taar Fight Techniques Volume 9," "Taar Fight Techniques Volume 22," "Eye of Vyagrimukha Parchment," and "On Parallel Universes." Take a stroll into the central stacks on this floor.

A guard mans an elevator. Only researchers are allowed, so go find a researcher. In the history section you find Enay'd, a professor. Reincarnate into him. Now address the elevator operator again. When you get to the upper floor, approach any of the shelves and press Action. Borrow all of the books listed. The last book is, to say the least, the most important. Go chat with the other researcher in the room to see if he can help translate the text.

He suggests you get a Tradutech like the one he has. He agrees to lend it to you if you do some research for him. He's looking for the "Aegmaar Index of the 3rd planet of the 4th System" but is too old to go hunting through the library. Drop any books you got from this level into the deposit box to the left of the researcher; you can't leave the floor with them. Go to the lower floor.

Downstairs press Action near any shelf and buy "The Quartet System" and "Tables of Cosmic Correspondence." Since you're here, also buy "Masa'u Runes." Checking the "Quartet" book, the Cosmic Coefficient of the third planet, Kalisha, is 13.5. Check that number in the "Tables of Cosmic Correspondence" and you get an Aegmaar Index of 0.1851. Go back upstairs and tell the professor what you found. Now, pick up his Tradutech.

Unfortunately, you'll have to be discreet with the Tradutech. Go to the light switch on the wall and press Action to shut the lights off. When the room goes black, access your Sneak and Use the Tradutech on the book. When the guard restores the lights, you will have a translated copy of the text. The book is automatically returned to the bin and the Tradutech has gone back to its owner.

The good news is that you already have one of the three Vyagrimukha stones. Leave the library.

The Well of Yrmal'I

Head southeast to the hidden entrance of the new Awakened base. Walk past the bank until you come to a wall. To your left a seemingly solid rock wall abuts the river. Walk over to it, move to the far left side, and press Action to open the door.

Follow the corridor until you reach the core of the new base, built into a forgotten monastery. Directly opposite you is the entrance to the ancient monastery itself. A Lahoreh Secret Concert Flyer and fifty Seteks have been abandoned on a table by the water. To the right is Dakobah's new office. Go there now.

Approach Dakobah and press Action to show him your translation. The conversation reveals several instructions. Before you leave Dakobah and Jenna, grab the Mana Potion from the desk and a Magic Ring off of a chair. Go to Yrmal'i Square and enter any of its doors. Around the edge of the well, one door is different from the others. This is the elevator to the apartments above. Several inhabitable characters keep their abodes here; to access their apartments, Use their keys in the elevator.

Stand in the center of the room. Four columns, each with symbols on top, surround a central disc in the floor. Offset from the middle is a triangle. If you press Action near one of the columns, the symbol closest to you will retract. The key to solving this puzzle is to know which symbol should be depressed on which column. A map on the wall provides a clue. Four marks in the city could very well correspond to the locations of the symbols. The clues, when you find them, show both the correct icon and the position where it belongs in relation to the offset triangle.

To find the first mark, go to the bookstore near the Gate to Jaunpur. Walk north until the sidewalk veers right toward a gray building that juts out over the water. Dive into the water and swim toward the building; the first symbol is dead center: two wavy lines, lower right corner. The second symbol is close by. Go back to the bookstore and face the bridge to the west. Dive into the water and swim to the opposite shore. Just at the waterline under the bridge is the second symbol: a circle bisected by a line, upper left corner. The third symbol is in the Sorcerer's Shop. Take the ramp near the supermarket up to the shop and look for a knocked-over column to the left of the counter. On the back side, you'll see the third symbol: two wavy lines, upper right corner. While you're in the Sorcerer's Shop, buy a bottle of Drops of Shadow for the little Resurrection Spell you'll be casting soon. The fourth symbol can be found in the restaurant. Go up the ramp and follow the balcony until it ends at the fourth symbol: parallel lines crossed by a single line, lower left corner.

Return to the Yrmal'i Well. Note the triangle planted off-center in the middle of the room; this should look familiar from the pictographs you've just seen. Note the background features in each figure above to ensure you're working with the correct pillars. Adjust the four pillars to their appropriate symbols in relation to the triangle.

When the proper symbols are displayed, the disc in the center of the room reveals itself to be an elevator. Step on it to descend.

In Search of the "Right Eye of the God"

Your search for the second Vyagrimukha's Jewel begins at the base of the Yrmal'i Well. Venture through the elevator doors into a very strange room. Five pedestals sit in the middle of the room. Approach the pillar in the middle and press Action to touch it. You will hear a four-note tune that you must reproduce on the four surrounding pedestals. You must duplicate two tunes to unlock the tunnel at the far end of the room.

This is the order of the first tune: lower left, upper right, lower right, upper left. The tune replays if you get it right.

Touch the middle pedestal again to get the next tune, this one six tones. The solution is: upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left, upper left, lower left. When the second tune is played back, the lift to the tunnel lowers to ground level. Before heading into the inner chamber, however, scour this area for a Mana Potion and a Life Potion.

As you board the lift, notice the markings etched into it. These are your directions to find the correct stone in the next chamber. Here are the instructions translated into conventional directions: 1) North 3, 2) East 2, 3) South 1, 4) West 3, 5) North 2, 6) East 2.

You enter a burial chamber at the southern point. Notice that the four directional symbols adorn the walls. Each casket contains a jewel; they all look identical but only one is authentic. To find the correct jewel, stand in the doorway and walk north to the third casket in the center aisle. Turn right and go two caskets east. Turn right again and travel south one casket. Turn right to go three caskets west. Make a right turn to pass two caskets to the north. Finally, turn right to go two caskets east. Open the casket by pressing Action, and take the jewel. Be sure you have the right one; you won't know you've grabbed the bogus jewel until you're miles away.

Pack up your stuff and head back to Jaunpur and on to Jahangir Park.

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