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From the instant you emerge through its gate, you can see that Jaunpur is a very different place. Though it's somewhat smaller than Anekbah, the architectural layout of Jaunpur is much more confusing. The trick to finding what you want in Jaunpur is to always keep your bearings. If you get lost, find a street and call your Slider to take you back to a familiar place.

The Temple Awaits

To begin, call the Slider and order it to take you to the temple. When you emerge, the temple is directly ahead of you, but there's no obvious way to get to it. If you face due east, you will see a man exercising along a wall ahead; to his right is an archway. Pass under the archway and turn left, then left again, and go up a ramp. The door to the temple isn't exactly obvious; on the metal wall to the right, the center panel is outlined in green.

When you enter the temple, you find several worshippers and a set of Rings. Explore the temple and you may bump into a likely candidate for reincarnation, the monk Itzam'a.

Meet the Awakened

Continue through the temple toward the floating altar. You will see a man standing near two pyramid-shaped candles on the right. This is Yob, the man Jenna told you to meet. Talk to him and he leads you through a red door behind him. Pass through a second door and enter a statue room. Yob, however, is nowhere to be found. Pick up the two candles on the base of one of the statues.

Note the metal door peeking out from behind one of the statues. Turn around and look on the wall for the Awakened symbol with a red hole in the center. Press Action to climb atop the sarcophagus and Use Telis's Talisman on the red hole. The statue rolls aside, exposing the metal door to a lift. Jump into the lift and ride it to the underground base of the Awakened.

Enter one door, cross a bridge over the base's main room, and go through another door. Follow a winding passage until you come to a pair of white doors. The one in front of you is Jenna's cell. To the right is the main floor of the base. Turn right and go there. You will meet again with Jenna, who is a rather high-ranking member of the Awakened. Ever since your interrogation of her, she has known what you are and she thinks you have potential. As a gift for declaring her innocent, she gives you a Regeneration Potion.

Follow Jenna to Dakobah's cell. She instructs you to come see her in her room when your meeting is over. Inside, you meet with one of the Awakened's leaders, a Yashu priest named Dakobah. From this conversation you learn some very beneficial information. Go to Jenna's cell to report on your meeting and your admission to the Awakened. She gives you a bit of history to put your initiation in perspective.

Enter Namtar's cell to meet your immediate commander. He gives you a mission: blow up the bridge in Zone 12 to cut off Tetra's weapon supply line to the Omikron Police. Jenna will be your partner.

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