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Blow the Bridge

Consult with Jenna. She advises you to introduce yourself to everyone at the base. Then, get the explosives for your mission and go to the bridge in Zone 12. You'll need to find a way to reach the pillars under the bridge and place the explosives at the base.

Time to meet your fellow revolutionaries. Turn left as you leave Jenna's cell and left into the second door. Turn right to introduce yourself to Krill. You find him on his bed. The weapons specialist seems a bit hostile. Still, if you ask him which kind of explosives suit your mission, he will tell you: KR100. Take the Detonator from the cupboard before you leave.

Return to the main floor and look for Soks, the supply droid. His shop is on the lower level, behind a small door near the Rings. After he questions you about what kind of explosives you'll need, he presents you with the KR100.

Visit Yob in his cell/training room on the lower level opposite Soks' shop. Converse with him and spar a bit before taking your leave. Finally, go to the door next to Yob's to meet Meshka'n. Your conversation yields interesting information. To exit the base, find the secret elevator in the same hall as Jenna's cell. As you come through the door from the base's main floor, go straight and follow the path until you see a hall leading off to the left. Go down the hall and ride the lift to the surface.

Exit the elevator in this small alcove of doorways. Follow the path out and keep making left turns until you arrive at the street. Call your Slider and go to the bridge in Zone 12. When you arrive, the bridge will be straight ahead, guarded by a Meca. Run up the ramp to the bridge and survey your task. You'll have to find a way to get down to the bridge supports to make this work. Cross the bridge and head south. As you walk south toward the docks, you will pass by a wall with some metal studs in it.

Ignore these for now; you'll come to a large door manned by a guard. Wouldn't your mission be easier if everyone thought you were a guard? Reincarnate into the guard, Jayli'n, and scale the wall at the handholds. When you drop inside, you'll see your auto-save position. Walk past it and the shooting sequence begins. Your mission is to go through the freight yard to the docks. The door, however, is guarded by two Mecaguards. You need to draw them away from their post by causing an accident with the freight yard's crane.

You'll immediately notice that no one is shooting at you because you look like one of them. As long as you don't shoot anyone and don't pull any switches, you'll have all the time you want to scout the area before attacking. Your goal should be to locate the switches and the exit and then go to the first switch and pull it. Then you can shoot whomever you like.

To find the second switch and the door to the docks, go forward from the rings and take the first left. Go straight and turn left at the end of the aisle. Switch #2 will be about halfway down on the right. You can't pull it yet. From Switch 2, walk forward and turn right at the wooden box at the end of the aisle. At the corner, turn right again and you'll see two Mecas guarding the door to the docks. Retrace your steps to the Rings.

Walk forward from the Rings and turn left at the corner near the big metal door. At the T-intersection, turn right. Go straight to a large stack of pipes and turn left. Take a couple steps forward and turn right. Walk another few steps and turn left in front of the Mecadog. Turn right at the corner and go straight to the corner of the wall. Go straight and left around a metal box. Follow the path around two lounging guards to find the first switch. Now you are ready to rock.

Gun down the two guards nearby and pull the switch by pressing Action. Retrace your steps back to the Rings and cut a path to the second switch. When you pull it, you'll see the crane self-destruct and the two hulking Mecas run to see what all the rumpus is about. Run behind their turned backs and head for the now unguarded door. Go through it to end the shooting sequence.

On the docks, you will automatically pull a switch. This lowers a platform, granting you access to a barge parked below. Jump down to the lowered dock and note the Rings quietly rotating to your left. Jump onto the first barge and press Action to pull the switch. The barge sails over to another barge. Jump onto it and pick up two Magic Rings hiding behind a box.

Dive into the water and search for a submerged barge. Next to it, a long wooden switch juts up from the base of the canal. Pull it by pressing Action and the barge will surface. However, it's too high for you to climb upon. Swim toward the eastern shore of the canal where a platform floats next to the edge. Climb onto it by pressing Action while treading water at the surface. Pull the switch to ascend to the shore.

Walk to your left to a control panel and pull the handle to position the last platform. With everything in place, jump back into the canal and swim back to where you started on the docks. Jump on each platform in sequence until you get to the bridge pillar. If you haven't already done it, select the Detonator and Use it on the KR100. The result is a bomb. Stand next to the pillar and press Action to place the bomb. Now you have a choice. You have five seconds to jump into the water before the bomb explodes. If you do, you keep your current character. If not, he/she dies and you'll be reincarnated in Kuma'r, a passerby. Either way, you return automatically to the Awakened base.

Awakened TV

Go to Namtar's cell and speak to your boss. Accept his congratulations and indicate your desire for another mission. To pave the way for an Awakened pirate message over the Transcan broadcast system, you must plant a device on the broadcast dish in Zone 22. First, you'll need to go meet a contact to get the pirate device. Go to the bookstore in Zone 9 via your Slider. From where your slider drops you off, turn right and go straight until you reach a building.

Turn right and immediately left. Walk forward past a restaurant. Farther along, down a couple of ramps, you will see the bookstore on the right. Enter and descend the spiral staircase. Talk to the man standing on the store's right side. Show him Telis's Talisman and he'll put the pirate device on the shelf. Pick it up and leave the store.

Drive your Slider to Zone 22 Roof Access. Once there, walk east through a gateway. Go through a second gateway door into an open area. To your right are a supermarket and a sewer tunnel, each containing very diverse inhabitable characters. Follow the iron fence on your right. When it ends, look for an alley to the right. One of the walls has handholds that could function as a fine ladder. Climb the handholds. Note the Rings and look below to see a Mecaguard covering the door to the broadcast dish.

Walk to the second crate and press Action to push it over the edge. The weight of the crate disables the Meca. Climb back to the ground by standing near the top of the ladder and pressing Action. Walk around the fallen Meca and through the door. There, step onto the crane and press the big red button. At the top, you'll be provided with an auto-save point.

From the first platform, jump to the square building ahead and to the left. Climb down to the lower roof via the handholds. Sneak carefully forward and right to another set of handholds. Climb down to the lower roof below. Cross the wood plank to the next building. Continue straight from the plank and jump to the next building. From here, climb down the handhold ladder to the ground.

Walk forward to the second alcove on the left, where a ladder climbs high atop the next building. Turn left and follow the building to a plank heading right. Go down a short ramp to another plank leading down and right.

Turn left and descend a ramp to a lower rooftop. Cross the plank to the right to the building adorned with stars. Turn left and descend the handholds to the ground. Turn left and walk to the corner. To your left is the transmitter tower. Pivot left and cross in front of the tower. Turn left again at the end of the tower. Make one more left to face a ladder leading up.

Rotate left to see another ladder leading up to the dish itself. Approach the transmitter and press Action to plant the pirate device. Watch the pirated message and get your first view of Boz.

Pick off as many enemies as possible from the safety of the dish roof. Note that you will not be able to fell Mecaguards, though you can outrun them. Once you've scoured the horizon, descend to the floor and retrace your steps to where you descended from the star-encrusted building. Move past the ladder on the starred building and turn right.

Take the first left. Then go right and left. Head straight toward the fence and turn right at the corner. Go straight until you see a ladder on your right. Turn right and stand as far back in the line of boxes as possible. Run toward the next building and jump to reach it. Turn left and descend the ladder to a lower roof.

Run and jump to the roof directly across from the bottom of the ladder. Your escape will be narrow but successful. You return automatically to Awakened HQ. Upon your return, you speak with Jenna. She congratulates you but was surprised that the antenna was so well guarded. Report to Namtar's cell to inform him of your success.

Namtar tells you to take a rest as a reward for a job well done. He gives you the key to a hideout at 8250 Konera Street, Jaunpur.

Sanctification of Xenda'r's Beshe'm

Go visit Dakobah; he offers to teach you sorcery. To cast a spell, he tells you, you need a sacred bowl and the ingredients to mix in it. Dakobah gives you the key to his private library so that you may study the Ancient Art.

Before going to study, go to the floor of the base and talk to Soks. He complains again of his difficulties with dampness. Turn left and go to a nearby table to pick up a can of Insulating Spray. Give this gift to the robot, Soks, and he will give you something valuable in return. He gives you a Hydromagnetic Piston. You never know if it will come in handy.

Go to Dakobah's library and rummage around on the lower floor. There's a chest here, but it's locked. A Life Potion sits on the desk. Two books on the shelves stand out: "The Magic Signs of the Art" and "The Book of Beshe'ms." Go to the broken lift next to the shelf and Use the Hydromagnetic Piston on it. It now functions properly and takes you to the upper level of the library. Search the upper stacks for "The Secret Rites of the Art," "Amepher Dew," "The History of Xenda'r Temple," and "Ars Magica Volume XXXVII."

Descend the lift and go to the hallway outside of Jenna's cell. At the end of this hall is a blocked door containing the same symbols shown in "The Magic Signs of the Art." Some of the symbols, however, are not in the books. You can deduce the meaning of these codes because the marks on these doors are simple addition equations. Jot down the symbols for ten and fourteen and go to the hall outside of Krill's cell.

You find another door that seems more accessible. Approach it and press Action to view the locking mechanism. Do the math to come up with a solution.

Dakobah congratulates you on finding Xenda'r Temple. You may find the Beshe'm within. Venture inside. A green platform on the right holds five Magic Rings and Drops of Shadow. At the base of a large tree, pick up a Cepher Leaf. The door at the head of the room is locked. Jump into the water and swim to a pool beyond this door.

Descend the path to the lower floor, noting the Rings near the pool. At the base of the ramp lies the body of Xenda'r, the sorcerer. Search around his body for Powder from Dead Man's Skull, Vyagrimukha's Jewel, and the Beshe'm.

To set up the ceremony, stand at the center of the rocky platform in the middle of the room, facing Xenda'r's corpse. Place the candles on the two unmarked platforms to your right and left. Place the Drops of Shadow at the twelve o'clock position. Place the Cepher Leaf at the four o'clock position. Place the Skull Dust at the six o'clock position. Place the Amepher Dew at the ten o'clock position. Place the Beshe'm on the central podium.

Step back to the intersecting lines near the middle of the platform and the ceremony begins. Pick up the Sanctified Beshe'm and head back to the base. There, talk to Dakobah and show him the Beshe'm. Now it's time for a little relaxation in the Awakened's hideout.

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