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Walk along a lengthy lava bridge. Eventually, you'll come to a staircase. Go up to a small room and find a black door and a set of Rings.

Pass through the door to Astaroth's lair. There you see the gigantic demon, Prince of Darkness, lashed by six electric tethers to the heart of the computer Ix. They are, it seems, one and the same being. After a lengthy and shocking exchange, the shooting sequence begins. Your basic goal is to stay behind Astaroth and blast at a small oval spot in his back. This is his Achilles' heel.

First, you must release him from his bonds. This not only gives you access to his back but also severs his control over Omikron. Each tether is controlled by a crystal somewhere in the room. Shooting these will free Astaroth. Immediately about-face and run to the far end of the room to find cover. Astaroth's bolts track extremely well and are nearly impossible to avoid. As you turn around, you should see the first crystal above you. Fire on it to destroy it.

Advancing toward Astaroth, but staying behind the corkscrew-shaped pillar in the center of the room, you should be able to see four of the remaining five crystals. Destroy them from the safety of this point. The last crystal demands that you attack it while in Astaroth's line of fire. Sprint to the south side of the room in front of the beast and face northwest to see the last crystal. Run toward it, firing until it explodes. Immediately take cover.

Now you will want to stay in the middle of the room at all times, circle-strafing around the now-free Astaroth. Fire first at Astaroth's head. When you see him stand erect and start to twitch, you'll know he is temporarily immobilized. Circle around Astaroth's back and fire into the bluish oval between his shoulder blades. His body will react with a red flash and you'll see his health bar drop.

Astaroth has three basic attacks. His standard energy bolt comes when you are at medium-to-long range. It tracks relentlessly but moves slowly; wait until he fires and move laterally to avoid it. Second, if you venture into medium-to-short range, his chest opens, releasing a plume of fire. This can only be avoided by retreating backward and laterally. Third, Astaroth will jump into the air and stomp on your head.

When you've drained all of Astaroth's health, he falls to the ground. You'll plunge Barkaya'l into Astaroth's back. Sit back and watch as your quest draws to its joyous ending. Omikron is free and you are returned to our world.

Prima FastTrack Guide Astaroth Thursday, December 09, 1999

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