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Jahangir Park, Mayere'm, and Hamestaga'nAstaroth

Another Jewel in Your Crown

Exit Lahoreh through the Gate to Jaunpur. Hail your Slider and point it to the entrance to Jahangir Park. The Slider will only take you as far as the southeastern gate from Jaunpur, so you'll have to hoof it from here, running east from the drop-off point, through two huge blast doors, past the rooftops shooting sequence location, and to a courtyard with a staircase leading up.

At the top of the stairs, turn right to find the door to Jahangir Park. Walk through it. Just inside of the gate, make a mental note of a set of Rings. You'll need one more ingredient for your Resurrection Spell: a Jinpan Feather. Walk forward and turn right to see a bunch of Jinpan birds on some rocks. Dive into the water and surface on the small outcropping of ground below the birds. Press Action to climb up to the rock ledge. You'll scare away the bird, but it will leave behind what you need. Press Action to climb back down.

Staying on the same side of the stream, walk left. When the path widens, turn 180 degrees to see an opening for a tunnel. Follow this seemingly endless tunnel up and up into a high tower. At the top, on a windowsill, find the final Vyagrimukha's Jewel.

Tomb Raiding

Return to the park entrance and turn to see a large structure in the middle of the park. Approach and enter it. The walls of this room are lined with buttons, each featuring a letter of the Masa'u alphabet. Choose the letters that spell K-I-W-A-N. Push the buttons in his name by pressing Action. When all five letters are depressed, the floor descends into the ancient sorcerer's tomb.

Follow the corridor to find Kiwan's mummy. Mix the Jinpan Feather and the Drops of Shadow in your Beshe'm. The result is a Resurrection Spell.

Kiwan seems less than thrilled to have been awakened and gives you a hard time about your intentions. No one, it seems, has ever returned from Hamestaga'n alive. Still, he agrees to open the eastern gate. All you need to know about finding Hamestaga'n, he says, can be found on two maps he suddenly unveils. Check them out.

Off to Meet the Head

Leave Kiwan's tomb and turn right until you arrive at the water surrounding the tomb. Dive to the bottom of the pool and look for a passage marked by columns. At the end of the passage, you see the switch exposed by Kiwan's action. Pull it and get back to the surface before your air runs out.

Go around the tomb and look for the tall tower to the east. Head for it. Past the tower, look for a stream with a pair of columns near it. Pass through and turn right at the first opportunity. When the path splits, go right. Turn right at a doorway marked by columns. Look for the gigantic head of Vyagrimukha at the back of the cavern. Place all three jewels in the god's head; it rises to open a passageway.

Stalactite, Stalagmite

Go through the passage to a pool. Dive in and surface in a pool on another level. Follow the hallway down to a doorway and pass through into Mayere'm. Climb the ramp to a wooden bridge. As you cross, the bridge retracts behind you. Note that the elevator serving Tower #1 will be your route to the ground level after you've met with Soyinka.

The central tower of this complex seems pretty important, so go there. Unfortunately, all of the bridges are retracted. Cross the rope bridge to Tower #2. Turn right and cross the next rope bridge. Turn left to cross another rope bridge. Go to the far end of the room and press the big green button to lower a wooden bridge.

Go to the elevator and press Down to drop to a small platform. Cross the wooden bridge toward Tower #2. Follow the walkway to the left and cross a rope bridge toward Tower #3. Turn left to get on the elevator and press Up. Follow the walkway to another rope bridge. Turn left to find another green button. Press it and inspect this room for five Magic Rings.

From the Magic Rings, turn right and step toward the last portal in the room. As you approach it, an elevator rises to meet you. Jump onto the lift. Turn left from the elevator and cross a wooden bridge. Follow the walkway to a retracted bridge. As you approach it, it drops into place. Unfortunately, there's a gap in the bridge that must be jumped. At the end of the bridge, turn right and board the elevator. Take it up. Go straight from the elevator and turn left to see a platform leading to the central tower. Mount it, press Action to launch it, and enjoy the ride.

Welcome to the throne room of Soyinka, goddess-queen, daughter of Matanboukous. This conversation reveals some historic details.

Passage to Hamestaga'n

As all of the central pillar's bridges lower, turn right as you leave the throne room to find a set of Rings. Left from the throne room door is the bridge back to the first tower. Take the elevator here down two floors to the watery ground level. Turn around and search the distance for a long white fence. Swim toward it and go through one of the fence's open spaces.

Go left and turn right at a pair of large barrels filled with a stinky green goo. Smell the goo by pressing Action. If you need a Sham, you'd better talk to the man grooming one. He is Fodo and he offers you the Sham of your choice. Just ride, he says, to a split in the rock nearby. If you've smelled the green liquid, ask him what it is. It's zkilbon, a deadly poison that repels Krubors, predators of Shams.

If you try to ride the available Sham, however, it refuses to let you aboard. Talk to Fodo again about your problem. To mount one, you'd have to be Azkeel. Drink the zkilbon. As you expire, Fodo comes to lend a hand and ends up lending far more than that. Mount the Sham and ride to the right of the compound.

Approach a large rock in the wall and press Action to have your Sham push it aside. When it does, you dismount to finish your journey on foot. Enter the passage to the City of the Dead. Pass through a large silver door.

As you head to the final door to Hamestaga'n, you are attacked by a Krubor. If you defeat this creature, you'll proceed as Fodo. If, however, you succumb to the beast's savagery, you get a surprise: reincarnation into the body of the Krubor. It's not a bad trade, but you'll want to go easy on the Krubor in the fight so you don't damage your next body too much. Go through another silver door into Hamestaga'n.

Ghosts in the Cemetery

As you approach the city, you'll enter Shooting Mode. You must get to the "Book of Nout" on a platform straight across from your starting point. In this first phase, you'll need to direct your fire at the devil dogs patrolling the graveyard.

Go past the fountain at the center of the cemetery. The platform beyond it houses the "Book of Nout." Press Action to talk to the book and gain valuable insight. As the conversation ends, you read the cover of the "Book of Nout."

The opposition gets a bit thicker now. Several evil souls now wander the cemetery and they're coming out shooting. These same enemies inhabit all crypts other than the three you seek.

Go to the crypt east of the fountain. Open it by pressing Action and one of the three ghosts you seek will meet you back at the book. Next, move northwest from the fountain to another crypt. Go to the book and face south. Slide down the wall and look for a ledge leading northeast. Follow that ledge. Look left for a crypt sitting alone by a small staircase. Jump down from the ledge, descend the stairs, and release the final ghost. Return to the book and meet with the ghosts.

Finding a Hero

Together, the ghosts teleport you to Mahahaleel. Walk forward to locate a set of Rings. Continue forward until you see the airship and descend a ramp to the ground below.

Near the front of the ship there's a low platform with a ramp leading to it. Climb the ramp and walk onto the platform and you'll be transported to the door of the ship. There are several of these small platforms here, but only one performs this function.

Enter the ship and follow the hallways to Kushulai'n's throne room. Approach the hero and engage him in conversation. He truly believes that you are the Nomad Soul and agrees to give you the sword Barkaya'l. He dies in front of you. Go to him and press Action to inhabit his body. Pick up Barkaya'l.

Descend from the throne and look for five Magic Rings behind it. Go through the green-lit teleportation doors behind the throne to meet Astaroth face-to-face.

Prima FastTrack Guide Jahangir Park, Mayere'm, and Hamestaga'n Thursday, December 09, 1999

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