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Looking for Anissa

Enter Qalisar. As you emerge from the western gate, turn left to see a set of Rings and a ramp leading to an upper level. Scale the ramp. Look for Kat's Bar to the left. Peek inside for a drink and ask around for the elusive Anissa. All you get is a blank stare.

Leave the bar and continue down the boulevard until another storefront appears on your left. The Peep Show is the last known address of Anissa.

The employee at the Peep Show knows Anissa. He says she hasn't worked there in a while, but he's heard she's at one of the bars on Qalisar Boulevard. He invites you to look around. Around the back, you'll meet a call girl. You can't hire her, but you can become her when you gain reincarnation ability; she's Lahyli'n, one of Qalisar's three inhabitable characters.

Leave the Peep Show and cross the bridge to the other side. Head into Aka's Bar. Turn right as you enter the bar and note the set of Rings on the end of the balcony. First, however, you experience another vision.

At the base of the stairs, look for a document on a nearby table. Pick up the Omikron Central Bank Ad. Another table sports a full Double Yuki.

Go chat up the bartender about Anissa. He's a bit stubborn; refuse his offers for a drink and insist on getting an answer to your question. The bartender points out the dancer in black as Anissa. When you've finished with the bartender, you'll see Anissa come off her platform for her break.

Walk over to the exhausted dancer and ask her about the murder she witnessed. She'll tell you to follow her into the back rooms. Once in the back hallway, begin your conversation again. You glean some engaging information from this chat.

She goes to her dressing room to change and get the paper. As the door closes, you hear a scream. Position yourself by the door control box and Use your Waver Gun to shoot the lock open.

Kay'l rushes inside only to find Anissa dead. As he goes in, another figure rushes out of the room. He's wearing an Omikron Police Uniform. Search Anissa's body to find a small key. Approach the table on the wall and press Action near the bent black ornament sitting on top. This opens a wall safe to the left.

The trunk inside of the safe is locked. Fortunately, you have the key. The trunk contains the note Anissa told you about. Finally, open Anissa's cabinet to find a Medium Medikit and Den's Card. Slip out of the bar and back outside.

The Sha'armet Tournament

As you may recall from the flyer you found in Security HQ, Qalisar is home to a lucrative but dangerous fighting tournament called the Sha'armet. You are about to stumble upon it. Turn left as you come out of the Aka's Bar and look on your left for the Xam Store.

Enter this innocent-looking shop, taking notice of the Rings in the corner. Approach the shopkeeper and ask to look at his list of wares. You may buy any item you want, but there's one that will get you into the fighting tournament. Purchase a Meca-Lamp battery and the shopkeeper will discreetly open the gate to the back room. Take the elevator down and boost your Energy to maximum with whatever Medikits you have. You'll need all you can get.

To win the whole shebang, you must defeat five opponents. Each win gets you a prize of increasing value. If you defeat all five, you'll leave Fighting Mode and may exit the arena the way you came. When your Energy level reaches ten, you are ejected from the tournament with a parting gift of whatever you won to date plus a piddling twenty Seteks. Buy some Medikits with the proceeds and nurse yourself back to health. You may, of course, buy another battery and try again.

Shopping in Qalisar

Turn right as you leave the Xam Store and walk past Aka's Bar. The next door is the Sex Shop. Go in and buy a poster for your friend Boog. Turn right as you leave the Sex Shop. The next bar on your right is Harvey's Bar. Go in and head to the bathroom. Waiting for a stall is Dakme't, the other of Qalisar's inhabitable characters. Leave Harvey's and turn right. Take a long walk until you find Fu-An's Shop.

Talk to Fu-An. For 400 Seteks, he will extract whatever items he can from Den's broken Sneak. Pay it and, in return, you get Den's Police Badge.

Visiting the Temple

Leave Fu-An's Shop and descend to street level. Follow the road to the northeast to the Abandoned Temple. As you enter, watch the walls on the right side for two Magic Rings. Stand on the star in the middle of the temple with your back to the door.

Remember the note you found in Kay'l's cabinet at work: with your back to the door, walk ten steps forward, turn right, and take ten more steps. You should be facing the wall of the temple with a wooden beam propped to your left.

Push Action while facing the wall and a hole will open in the floor to your right. In the hatch, you'll find a Reincarnation Spell and Jafa'yl's Parchment. Leave the temple and summon your Slider. Select Security HQ to return to Anekbah.

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