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Jaunpur, Betrayal, and Prison
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At the Hideout

Leave the Awakened base and drive your Slider to the hideout. From where the Slider lets you off turn left and run to the right of a building with a gray metal door. Walk around the building and under the Kloops Beer sign. Turn right at the wall decorated with blue mosaic tiles.

Turn right at the corner, go under a short wooden bridge, and veer right. Take the second right to find the hideout's door. As you unlock the door, note the Rings in the hole in the wall to your right. Descend the stairs to the left into the safe house's main room. Jenna is waiting to talk to you.

Tetra Sabotage

No time to rest; a new mission has arisen. You are to infiltrate the Tetra Trust's factory and sabotage the production facilities for a new generation of Mecaguard, the Z-Tech 4000. Once inside, you must place eight time bombs on assembly line control panels. You are to meet with a man named Qazef to find a secret entrance to the factory.

Pick up the detonators, two Magic Rings, one hundred Seteks, Kloops Beer, Xiam Noodles, an Ad for the Wikis Garden, and a Large Medikit. Take your Slider to the gun shop to meet Qazef. The shop is below street level, west of the Anekbah Gate. Qazef won't speak to you about the Tetra factory and there's nothing you can do to change his mind.

Scope the woman lounging by the gun rack. Iman is not only one of Jaunpur's many inhabitable characters, she is one you must use to continue. Reincarnate into her. Now talk to Qazef in your new body. He seems much friendlier. Ask him what you want to know in exchange for some of your "time." Qazef spills that the factory is at 2130 Madeeb Street and you can gain entry via the sewers. He, however, doesn't know exactly where; you'll need a Sewer Map from one of the bookshops. Now leave him hanging and go about your business.

Go to the bookstore near the temple and buy a Sewer Map. Call your Slider and take it to the Tetra headquarters. Turn right at the wall marked with a star. Veer right down the hall adorned with blue mosaic tiles. Continue west a few paces to the canal's edge and a ramp down to the water. Dive into the water and search nearby for a lever. Pull it and the door to the sewers opens.

Climb out of the filthy water and you'll receive a transmission from Jenna. Walk forward and drop into the showers of a locker room. As you enter the locker room, a brute attacks you. Fight him to the death and note the symbol tattooed on his chest. Find a locker with the same symbol and open it to pocket the Tetra 1 Pass and a Large Medikit. Use the Tetra 1 Pass to go through this door and begin the shooting sequence.

Your basic mission is to plant eight bombs on eight of the consoles scattered throughout the base and escape the base before the bombs detonate. Pass the auto-save rings and get ready to rumble. Turn right and go up the staircase at the end of the room. Go through the door at the head of the stairs and head down toward the tracks.

Stand against the wall from which the train enters and run across the tracks as soon as the train passes. Go to the control console and press Action to open a door back in the initial room. Return the way you came and go back through the door. Run across the catwalk to the newly opened door. Pass through, briefly exiting Shooting Mode, and go through the next door. An auto-save station awaits.

Go forward and descend the stairs. Push forward through the room to a staircase leading up to a catwalk and a door. Look for these doors throughout the level; most of them contain the control panels you seek. Simply walk up to them and press Action to place the bomb; you'll get a message confirming your action. Just don't do it now. Continue through the room until it's blocked by boxes. Run into the hatch to the left, but stay off of the conveyer belts. Go through the door to the other side of the line of boxes and continue across the room.

When you enter one of the side rooms, you will switch out of Shooting Mode. A guard, Bahimy'l, sits slumped against the wall. Reincarnate into him to operate stealthily for the next few moments. Remember, don't shoot anyone or place any bombs or you'll blow your cover. Walk out of the room and go to the end of the hall. The metal door here is locked tight.

Turn left and go through either of the doors to a bridge room. Once through the door, it's OK to waste the two guards here. Cross the bridge and go into the office to find a console. Press Action to unlock the metal door. Pressing this blows your cover and you'll be a target again. Once the door is unlocked, go back and place bombs in all of the rooms off of the catwalk. Don't forget the one behind the line of boxes.

Go through the gray metal door to reach another auto-save station. Descend the ramp and scale the stairs to a catwalk. Stroll to the end until you find yourself under a pulley. Press Action to ride the pulley across the gap. Be ready to fire immediately when Shooting Mode resumes.

Go down the steps to a T-intersection. Go right and upstairs to a catwalk with three rooms: two contain control panels and one has a console that starts the conveyer belt. Doing this clears the way to the next part of the sequence. Go back to the T-intersection; go straight across and right. Press forward until you see a door on the right. Plant another bomb. Emerge from the control room and climb the stairs across the room.

One of these rooms leads to the next section; the others have control panels just begging for bombs. Approach a pedestal with a wheel crank. Rotate it to swing the walkway over to you. Jump over the small gap to get to the central hub. Turn the wheel once to swing the walkway to the door. You may also rotate it once more to access a hidden cache containing a Medium Medikit and Decagun Ammo.

Pass through the door. Stand against the wall, wait for the train to pass, and dart across the tracks. Climb the stairs on the other side of the tracks and enter the green-illuminated tunnel. When you come to a grating in the floor, press Action to slide it aside. Below you is a train tunnel into which you will soon drop, but not yet! Wait for the train to pass and run across the tracks to an alcove with a Small Medikit.

Turn around and wait for the next train to pass. When it does, dart left and across the tracks to another alcove with a door. Pass through the door. Remember, if you're struggling to find the alcove, run back to the one you just left or you'll be wheel grease. Enter a large control room with three rooms branching off and a large lift in the middle. Each room contains a control console and a scary-looking Mecaguard. The lift must be activated by pressing buttons in all three rooms. Unfortunately, pressing these switches also releases the trio of Z-Techs.

Push the switches and make a beeline for the lift. Ride it to the top and your mission is complete. Walk down the passage and meet with Jenna. Unfortunately, the celebration is short-lived, as the authorities descend upon you both. You and Jenna are transferred to the prison facility at Pamoka.

Escape from Pamoka

You wake to be interrogated by the Security Chief, Mashroud. You are given a choice: leave a free man or a dead man. Of course, you refuse to give him the information he desires. He gives you a few hours to reconsider and dispatches a guard to watch over you.

Suddenly, you hear a voice through the wall: Jenna! She tells you to find a way out of your cell, find a Multiplan to reactivate your Sneak, and set her free. Notice the Rings in the corner and grab the bowl on the floor. If you insult the guard, he fires off a shot from the electric disciple ray in your cell. Select the bowl and press Use. Then pick an insult and the bowl will perfectly reflect the guard's beam at him.

Reach out of the cell and inspect the body for the Guard's Key. Pass the door to Jenna's cell and enter a hall where a guard seems preoccupied by something out of the window. Enter the door behind him and access the Multiplan terminal to recover your Sneak's contents. Reincarnate into the guard, Zao'r, and return to free Jenna.

She recommends pretending to be a prisoner that you, as a guard, are transferring. Follow her through the hall and down to a lower floor. Chat with the guard at the door, who grills you about your activities. Pick your excuse and stick by it and he'll let you go unmolested. You and Jenna board the Slider and return home.

Unmasking a Traitor

Jenna tells you she is sure that a traitor lurks within the Awakened. She advises you to conduct your investigation carefully and discreetly. Go see Soks to find out what he's heard. You coax him to distract Krill while you snoop around his cell. It's as good a place to start as any.

Turns out Krill's asleep. Soks lets you in. Open Krill's cabinet to swipe his screwdriver. Other than that, there's really nothing to see here. Peek in on Meshka'n. Since his door's locked, you must Use the Screwdriver to get in. The good news is that he's eliminated as a suspect; the bad news is he's dead. Pick up Meshka'n's Journal from his desk.

Ransack the two cabinets: one is locked, the other holds Meshka'n's Key and Acid. Go to Dakobah's library and use Meshka'n's Key to open the chest. Inside, find Dead Man's Tongue and Dew of Light. Visit Yob, who's busy training Namtar. Rifle through Namtar's clothes on the floor to find the key to his cell. Quietly open Namtar's cell and venture inside. Careful inspection reveals that his cabinet appears to have been slid across the floor.

Walk around to the right side of the cabinet and press Action to push it. A hatch in the floor can't be opened. Use the Acid near the hatch to burn it open. Pick up the object hidden under the hatch. It's a Demoniac Cube. As you walk away, a message intended for Namtar comes through the cube. Not only is Namtar the traitor, he's also a demon!

Remembering the recipe for the Unmask Demon Spell, you should grab the horn off of the Sham head on the wall. Enter Yob's cell to confront Namtar. An auto-save station appears just outside of the cell as you enter. You can't go after Namtar while he's human or Yob will defend him. You must unmask him first. Go into your Sneak and Use your Beshe'm with the Sham Horn and Dew of Light. The result is the Unmask Demon Spell. Cast the spell by Using it and fight the demon inhabiting Namtar's shell.

After your victory, Dakobah and Jenna thank you for your keen detective work. Dakobah gives you "Ars Magica Volume XIX" as an expression of gratitude. He has also arranged a meeting with Boz at the leader's old house at 1211 Tramesh Street.

Meeting Boz

Leave the base via the elevator and take your Slider to Boz's house. The door to Boz's apartment is next to where your Slider drops you off. Turn right and go through a door to find Octagun Ammunition and an Octagun. Descend the ramp on the left side of the room.

Two Magic Rings sit around the periphery of Boz's chamber. Approach the control panel and press Action to talk to Boz. From this conversation, you learn several unsettling facts.

Pick up the Pass to Lahoreh on your way out of the room. Hop in your Slider and take it to the Gate to Lahoreh. Show the pass to the Mecaguard and go through.

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