Stagnation Anniversary

No news for last month about Omikron 2 Karma, no news about Heavy Rain and no news about Omikron source availability (fix link).

But site was updated in many internal links. They can't be found in latest news cause we posted it at the date of original writing. So just check one of game projects at the top green menu. Maybe you language translation available or some old information updated. Also fix Badalamenti music and Fahrenheit soundtracks links, there are no passwords and downloading problems.

Last time we have constantly problems with site forum. So I was seeking for a google stable suggestion for this one. Of course, nothing more better than Google Groups wasn't found. I'm still make no decision about creating there an our site group, cause interface is not very attractive and comfortable, but I was wondered to see there David Cage posts. Never think David was a spamer somedays ;). Don't believe me? Check this link for search results. Of course, it was in 1996 and early 1997, when the Quantic Dream was not yet registered, but Omikron game promotion was already linked to (dead link now). Nothing interesting in this foundation, so we will not add this info to our site.
But interesting result. So much differences between that unknown spaming Quantic Dream and today world known french development game studio.

This year 2006 is a 10-year anniversary of Quantic Dream.
It's not official date, cause Quantic Dream site was found at 15 November 1996 and the first diary date was 7 October 1996. Quantic Dream registered in April 1997. But we can sure, that Omikron the Nomad Soul - first revolutionary project celebrates ten years that days.

Thanks David "Big Boss", Guillaume de Fondaumiere, David Bowie, Reeves Gabrels, Loic Normand, Thierry DoiZon and all people Quantic Dream Team for your hard working on all this cinema interacting games.

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    Stagnation Anniversary Friday, October 27, 2006
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