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Heavy Rain symbolsAfter a long months of waiting site Quantic Dream french game developer (known as as Omikron and Fahrenheit developer studio) renovated... It was hard and long process, but finally we got it.

Heavy Rain symbolsDon't start discussion about design... It's written on flash.. So be aware of browser compability.
We will concentrate on hidden corners of the site. To open them you need to scratch activelly grey things with left button of the mouse..

Whats new you can find?

Heavy Rain symbolsNothing in the game section about Heavy Rain... but... walk to Entertainment Studio and The Casting (promotion of Heavy Rain engine).. and scratch bottom grey thing... you will find a new casting of Aurelie (main actress in The Casting)
Second clip is about Facial Mocap with her...
Third clip was already availble..


Heavy Rain symbols Now travelling to Game studio section -> Fahrenheit
Scratch low grey thing...
You will find Exclusive very nice clip, based on the Fahrenheit game.

What else?

Heavy Rain symbolsThey shows as always nice way of making intrigue around their work. Not best of design (only my opinion), but this secret symbols without any doubt attract attention. As we knows from the previous game projects this would be uses in next game, and next game is Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer.

Other sections didnt find any new information.. but some new photos from their studio available.

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Source:Omikron Game
Language: English (I think so)

Labels: site updated Monday, October 08, 2007

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