QD stories like new iPhones

Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and now Beyond: Two Souls, I stoped interested in collecting info about this projects and next is why. 

QD calling genre they working is "interactive story", someting different? With all my respect but it's marketing lie. It is just another casual adventures with "press X to win". Good detective stories, but really nothing special at all. Compare for example with L.A.Noire, Mass Effect , Uncharted and many many other games, most of titles can be called "interactive stories". 

It is David's vision of what he want to tell us, and I admire of his marketing abilities, but things like Omikron, that is pretty impressive and original even for this day looking is out of his plans. So this rumors, we are feeded time to time about "second title" QD working have nothing to do with something original like Omikron. Doubt it is interesting to play the same story as it was already told (thought there are great background left for a thousand pages of scenery), for sure it might be absolutely different, but damn not again casual detective story. David is good in game industry as Steven Paul Jobs but when you start using that shiny thing they told about, you understand there are nothing new, it just shines better.

Other thing is... consoles only supports. I am a gamer for tens years, PC gamer and not going to buy useless thing like console only to play one game. My computer do much better and with much better quality all that console can do without being tight to any service (and it is 6 years old for now). Yes I understand that creating a game for a primitive hardware that is well known is much less pain (unlike PC where thousands of different components and need to test at numerous devices) but it doesnot makes me sense when I passing through shelves in game stores where game from my favourite game studio released, but cannot buy it as it useless, it works only on Sony console. Buying it to support my favourite game studio? For what? To see another detective story for a device you never need? All left as for fan is just looking youtube full passages from different players, so whole story comes with branches can be seen without wasting time on click button to die. As for game mechanics was more then enough to play a chapter in game store. What is shining in yours "stories" QD? Graphics?  Graphics not impresses any computer gamer, it is far ago the same or worst looking then all computer games released last years. Several endings? Freedom of choice? Mass Effect 3 is apogee of that fakes, Heavy Rain just a little bit more choices, but Fahrenheit and HR and new franchise (no doubt it will be the same) has nothing to do with freedom of choice as only select prewritten so named "different" answers, that anyway will lead you to one end with few nuances. But it is another story I do not want touch as it is more general problem as modern games from QD. 

So. Sorry, Quantic Dream, you are disapointing with this casual games (or you prefer to call that interactive stories) that you making and working at. Probably if you will move on tablet market with that you have a great success is waiting you there, as that is where yours "interactive story" slogan would be perfect as like reading a book when moving somewhere. As for now I am absolutely fan of  yours first work "Omikron" but for now I do not need yours next generation "iPhone".

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QD stories like new iPhones Saturday, February 02, 2013

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