QD stories and projects not interesting anymore

Heavy Rain,... Beyond: Two Souls, I'm experienced gamer, and fan of Omikron: The Nomad Soul waiting for years for something like that, but not anymore interested in collecting info about other projects. Next is why.

QD calling genre "interactive story". It's marketing/lie BS. It is just another casual adventures with "press X to win". Even cannot be stand in pair comparing with L.A.Noire, Mass Effect, even Uncharted and many other games. If not all games with plot are interactive stories. So, interactive story genre is a fake.

"Press X to win". This is definitely not a way how I wish to interact with game. Is the same "genius" as to press "pause" in multimedia player and select another chapter of the film, you just making it more boring. Is like you get outdoors, walking in park and boom, pigeon poops on yours shirt. Not worth to remember and rather disturbing interruption.

Let's talk dialogue system. That suffers like absolutely any other dialogue systems in world, from guessing what script will do next on scene depends on words you choose in dialogue, that usually very different on meaning from further voicing this choice. It maybe not clear for devs why it is so, as you know further plot, but for player, who have no idea it is way different. And hey, lets be honest, you not gives option to not let pigeon poop at all, difference only in consistence of shit, and maybe not pigeon but seagull. Not talking about selecting another root to avoid this accident at all. You receive no stars for failed absolutely standard dialogue system, and it even worse, cause it is a huge part of "interactive story" meaning in yours marketing. So, corridor interactivity.

Plot? You says tons of script pages, works for marketing I guess, but after Omikron, only Fahrenheit have something to think and only once about at 5'o clock tea. All titles after, phew, clear as
Do you think I really interest if main actor or neighborhood stays alive or die? Absolutely wash-full color characters, stereotypes over stereotypes. Who is murderer? Seriously, thats a question that goes wide road through all game on surface! Yeah you claimed it is not about who, but why, but it fails here. You talking about deep psychotic thing. But from my point of view it's so far even from "Hannibal line" for example, so if it would be TV series I have doubts it came out from pilot at all (good you claimed it new genre "interactive story" and play in gaming area not TV). Let's be honest you doing some reverences to "explain" murderer actions, but so primitive. No moral choices, every f.king second, between very bad and awfull bad, is only one two moments between good and bad, and for some reason they failed to choose good, that is where it's become pathetic, theatrical, fake.
Let's go to robotics theme, gee-sh, for anyone who even touch science-fiction of most rumored authors it is already cliché. Not talking about more deeper second line sci-fi. Yeap, waving to yours 2018 game title plot. Pathetic, cliché, stereotype.

Other thing is... consoles only supports. Well. I understand of making exclusive titles under wing of Sony Entertainment, its good money, using own engine that linked to current console hardware. But well, do I care about it instead of having product on platform I use? Nope. Good example Apple making OS for very few own devices comparing to Android that works over thousand configurations and still bug result is the same if not worst for Apple.
And it may thunder from clear skies, but absolutely ALL games made on PC's, so off with yours console shit that it not possible to move to PC. In addition to not wish wasting hundred bucks every time new console appears console do not get any better image then on PC that is years more old, that I already have and that works great with gaming pad, with VR that will work even if devs far ago forbidden game support, with big TVs. Yours console choice limited for absolutely discomforting 30 fps instead of 60 and 120 limited by computer display or progressive TV's, limited to use any third-party shaders, that helps greatly with enough old game to look more modern, limited to inconvenient saves with strict console policy, false of edit settings etc, not talking about mods option at all, that can be made again only on PC. I would understand excuse if only David self do all work, from scripting to modeling and coding, but nope, it always a team. You may say making engine working on all PC configurations is pretty hard work. BS, just safe money for exclusive and/or not enough qualified workers (in most cases only first factor, though trying to run Omikron on modern hardware still makes it very far from smooth like it supposed to be for old games running native, not excludes  second). So, youtube walk-through works with all yours titles after Omikron even better, as not wasting time on bad interactivity, even works as spent time TV show without need any specific hardware. Not talking about I can increase speed to 1.3 from original video speed without wasting any detail but spent even less time with the same "wasting time" result.

I would say also about model beauty as main characters, but it is matter of taste of course. Rubber ugly dolls with empty eyes. My best guess this is poor result of applying real model on animation skeleton (though original models as I saw them on photos are absolutely normal if not cute looking). With adjustments it become opposite to normal looking person, unnatural and weird. Just another spoon of shit in general vision of where it brings QD.

If something positive I may say? Yeap, level design still nice. Although modern 3D scanners easily grab convert real object into mesh with correct texturing just click button, so no hard work in drawing from scratch, but composition of things at screen is nice as well as areas made.

I understand you QD, really understand being in yours shoes. but being in mine, no way, nope, no my money or interest for yours work, is only way to get both if you enter Mobile market even with current titles, that will definitely be win to won, cause mobile gaming is very bad in quality this days, so even with all this titles QD you shall glorifying there. Even I will praise then, but for stationery gaming it sucks. Good bye, but not farewell.

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QD stories and projects not interesting anymore Saturday, February 02, 2013

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