Joistiq: Heavy Rain dev to sell ‘mo-cap packages’

Quantic Dream offering a high-end collection of animations to other studios

Quantic Dream’s famed mo-cap studio is launched the Motion Kit Collection, an “evolving library” of animations and captured motions.

Motion Kit Collection Vol 1 will feature 2 motion kit libraries (one for both sexes), each comprising 84 generic motion animations, which totals 2 X 7 linear minutes of animation data.

Quantic Dream – the French studio behind Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophesy) and the upcoming Heavy Rain – say that the new Motion Kit Collection is “the industry’s first high-end, off-the-shelf solution for real-time 3D character animation”.

With each humanoid animation captured using Quantic’s 28-camera Vicon MX-F40 system, the motions can be used for building motion kits for both playable real-time characters and NPCs. Quantic has said this process will “reduce time and budget outlays for prototyping, pre and full productions.”

The animation package is available in .fbx format, which are linkable with 3D software pipelines such as MotionBuilder, Maya, 3DS Max or XSI.

The animations were recorded at Quantic’s Virtual Actor Studio in France.

Autor: Rob Crossley
Source: Joistiq
Language: English


Joistiq: Heavy Rain dev to sell ‘mo-cap packages’ Thursday, June 18, 2009

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