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Quantic Dream uses new Vicon cameras

"QUANTIC DREAM acquires a Vicon F40 (MX cameras) motion capture system and launches one of Europe's most advanced Motion Capture studios. Our fully renovated facility is to re-open officially in September 2007 to offer high-end Mocap, facial scanning and animation services to the film, advertising and video game industries."

This is small information about changes inside Quantic Dreams.
What's about that Vicon MX-F40 camera, they are accent?. Official promotion says the next:

"Building on the performance of the world’s first four megapixel camera Vicon is proud to introduce the MX-F40. Delivering higher speed, higher accuracy and higher throughput ever seen before in a motion capture camera - say hello to the F40.

The F40 boasts a resolution of 4 megapixels, captures 10-bit grayscale using 2352 x 1728 pixels and can capture speeds of up to 2,000 frames per second.

Capable of capturing 370 frames-per-second at full frame resolution(4 Megapixels) the F40 delivers a significant performance increase over the MX-40+. This means you can accurately capture high speed movements such as golf swings for analysis or sport moves for games.

The F40 contains the custom-designed Vicon Vegas CMOS sensor which provides a full frame “true” shutter. Shuttered cameras are tolerant of on-set or laboratory ambient light so increase your system accuracy. But not all shuttered cameras are the same – rolling shutters routinely found on other CMOS sensors cannot be used for motion capture. To ensure you get the best quality data the F40 offers a true electronic freeze frame shutter. It is the first 4 Megapixel motion capture camera to offer a real shutter.

The faster full frame, higher throughput and shuttering of the F40 could not have been possible using off-the-shelf sensors. Vicon took the next step and designed the Vicon Vegas sensor - purpose built for motion capture. Because it's been designed for motion capture it works beautifully.

The F40 is the latest innovation in the Vicon MX range. This means the F40 can take advantage of the proven platform that MX offers. So you get the latest innovation with all the security of a strong foundation."

Perfect technical data! As we know Quantic Dream is innovation studio that makes their work very good and lets hope this September update will allows them leave us much more information about current projects and makes Heavy Rain, that will hardly use Motion capture more realistic.

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Some visual movements at official site Friday, May 11, 2007

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