Renovating Quantic Dream official site

All freezing, press, news, ideas etc.
Any news, even small, about projects, linked to Quantic Dreams are absent.
Maybe a very small, about renovating an official Quantic Dreams site.
(Honestly, previous one was not wondering at all =). May be now it can be a lit different from millions of others looks like?)
So fulfilling an empty space of that message (or just for mirroring disappearing from official site news as usual) we are placing here the content of today's main page.

Join our international team and bring your talent

They have joined us:
Brandon Smith, VP Production to create HEAVY RAIN TM, a next generation former Head of European Development, Sega Europe interactive entertainment experience unlike any other!
Thomas Champon, Senior Mocap Artist former Senior Mocap Artist, Animal Logic Australia
Mustapha Bismi, Physics Engineer former Physics Engineer, Ninja Theory Cambridge UK

22 open positions!

So, as you see, a small info already we have... =)


Read the full interview taken by CloudStrife07 in letter to Guillaume de Fondaumiere at 21 December 2006, we add today (backdate of course, thats why its not last post). Else check Heavy Rain page. You ll see something new. TIP: the game cover first. Phrase opens the idea of the game. You ll see also the virtual names of starring.

P.S.: Meenwhile, our fansite moved a new blogger engine today. We'll try to use new posibilities at full maximum to make you feel free from World's Net many clicks searching.

Author: UL
Source: QD
Language: English

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Renovating Quantic Dream official site Tuesday, January 09, 2007

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