ATARI Fast Facts: Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Director’s Cut

Fahrenheit is the European director’s cut of Indigo Prophecy – the critically acclaimed adventure game featuring innovative gameplay and a rich storyline. This special edition contains the full game as envisioned by David Cage – including original scenes and actions deleted from the US release.
Indigo Prophecy is a truly innovative adventure game where every decision has a direct effect on the story path of an unfolding mystery. In this paranormal thriller, New York City is stunned by a series of mysterious murders that follow the same pattern: ordinary people become possessed and kill absolute strangers in public. Lucas Kane becomes another one of these murderers when he suddenly kills a stranger in a men’s bathroom. Hunted by police, Lucas must uncover the supernatural forces behind his crime before being incarcerated for life.

• Includes all original content from director David Cage – including scenes removed for ratings purposes
• Control the plot of a Hollywood thriller – players to control branching storylines through every action and decision. No two story paths are identical; replay the game through alternate decision scenarios for a different outcome
• Play as one of four characters: lead character Lucas Kane, Detective Carla Valenti,
Detective Tyler Miles and Luca’s brother Marcus Kane
• Manage the mental health of each main character through 44 bone-chilling acts by choosing the correct course of action and maintaining their psychological balance
• Multi –view split-screen, high-caliber voice acting and Spike TV VGA award nominated musical score guides players through an experience on that seamlessly fuses videogames with film

Why to Buy:
• Indigo Prophecy received wide-spread critical acclaim in the US for its innovative gameplay, rich storyline and cinematic styling (Average review score: 85/100)
• The only way Indigo Prophecy fans can enjoy the game as originally envisioned by creator David Cage – uncompromised and uncensored in any way

Marketing Support:
PR campaing for lifestyle and consumer press highlighting director’s original vision and subversive nature of an AO rated game PR Buzz
• E3 2005 Game Critics Award Nominee – Best Original Game Category
• 8.5/9.0/8.5 out of 10 – Electronic Gaming Monthly
• 85 out of 100 – PC Power

Platform: PC DVD
Genre: Adventure
US Launch Qty:
US Price: $39.99
US Release Date: 2.2006
Rating: RP (AO expected)
Developer: Quantic Dream

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ATARI Fast Facts: Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Director’s Cut Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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