Quantic Dream Uses Vicon MoCap On “Fahrenheit” aka “Indigo Prophecy” Game

Critically Acclaimed New Title Features Captivating Story Action and
Characters in a Breakthrough Fusion of Cinema and Interactivity
Oxford, UK (November 15, 2005)—VICON, developer of Academy Award®-winning motion capture technology, announced that French studio Quantic Dream has completed the suspenseful new console and computer game “Fahrenheit” (also titled “Indigo Prophecy” in North American markets) using a VICON motion capture system. The breakthrough third-person action-adventure game, published by Atari and lauded for its blending of cinema and interactivity, has quickly become an international bestseller.

Quantic Dream performed 40 days of motion capture, recording the full-body and facial moves of a variety of actors, stuntmen, athletes, props and weapons to lend realistic motion and interaction to game play. The studio produced 3500 takes and eight hours and eleven minutes of actual in-game footage.

“We captured single and multiple performers with all manner of props – guns, knives, bottles, chairs, money, even balloons,” said Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Chief Operating Officer, Quantic Dream, who has been a VICON customer since 2001. “VICON’s support is really responsive. The VICON team is helpful, efficient and aware that we have specific needs and often need very rapid answers.”

Multiple performers were motion captured simultaneously while exchanging dialogue, executing stunts with and without harnesses and playing sports such as basketball and ice skating to support the game’s different twists and turns. Following capture, VICON motion data was edited and processed using VICON’s iQ software and fed to Quantic Dream’s animation and real-time engine teams for integration into the game.

“Our VICON motion capture rig is truly at the center of our 3D graphics production,”
de Fondaumiere added.
“We are very satisfied with the system and look forward to using it as we continue to up the bar for the quality of our animations for our PlayStation 3, XBox 360 and other next-gen in-house productions.”

Quantic Dream conceived and produced “Fahrenheit,” which Game Developer Magazine and deem a “story-driven suspense thriller, and one of the critical surprises of this year's game releases,” entirely in house. The plot centers on character Lucas Kane, an average guy who is suddenly at the center of a murder he’s not sure why he committed. With the police in hot pursuit, players experience the story via several perspectives and possible plot swings, including how the protagonist’s choices and moods impact the final outcome.

Quantic Dream’s motion capture studio also provides VICON-based services to third parties and has become a popular destination for French companies in games, film, advertising and music videos. The company was founded by David Cage in 1997 to offer expertise in the worlds of film, television and video games. The studio's first project, “Omikron: The Nomad Soul” published in 1999, sold more than 600,000 copies and made game history by involving international star David Bowie, who composed the original music and performs in the game.

Quantic Dream innovated a ground-breaking “interactive cinema” approach to video game development and programming, which is a hallmark of “Fahrenheit.” Quantic Dream is an officialy certified developer for the Sony Playstation 2 and 3, Microsoft X-Box and X-Box 360 systems and PCs. Fahrenheit is published under license worldwide by Atari Inc.

VICON Motion Systems is a subsidiary of OMG plc (LSE: OMG) with global headquarters in Oxford, UK, and US headquarters in Lake Forest, CA. OMG subsidiary 2d3 Ltd. produces innovative visual geometry software deriving 3D data from moving images. Since 1984, VICON has been providing professionals with the latest tools to accurately capture the subtleties of three-dimensional human motion for research, medicine, sport, engineering, game development, broadcast and film. For more information about VICON, or to view a comprehensive list of worldwide distributors, visit or contact +44 (0) 1865-261800 in the UK or (949) 472-9140 in the US.


VICON and VICON iQ are trademarks of OMG plc. Academy Award is a trade or servicemark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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Quantic Dream Uses Vicon MoCap On “Fahrenheit” aka “Indigo Prophecy” Game Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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