Fahrenheit Patch 1.1

Before starting the installation, please make sure your Fahrenheit DVD is inserted into your DVD drive.
You are about to install the patch 1.1 for Fahrenheit DVD.
It will update your software to version 1.1.

Here is the list of issues that are fixed by this patch:

- In the level "Waking up", if Lucas dies the policeman doesn't show up at the door anymore.
- The random freeze on the loading screen in the level "Police Work".
- The freeze issue in the level "cemetery" when Lucas runs out of hangar after time run out.
- The freeze issue in the level "Carla's appartment" when the user switches from Carla to Tyler.
- The problem of activation of Tommy entrance cinematics.
- The Frame rate issue leading to a dead-end during the level "basketball" on some specific configurations.
- The flying guitar bug!

Please note that your previous save games will not be affected by this update.

Source: Atari


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Fahrenheit Patch 1.1 Thursday, October 13, 2005

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