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There are some hints, cheats, bugs from a game. This was not test at all platforms, but some hints possibly work at all ones.

Unlock all level cheat
Enter "J8OL14FD" as a case-sensitive name to unlock all levels and sequences.
Contributed By: sephirosuy


Never Lose Bonus Points
To do this trick simply buy anything from the Bonus section until you dont have enough points to buy what you want. Leave the bonus section, and then load any of your gamesaves.
Once loaded and BEFORE the game autosaves bring up your PDA. You should notice that the amount of points being displayed is what you had before you purchased anything.

Exit your PDA and then get the game to autosave, and then head for the Bonus section once again, and you will have whatever amount of points you had before you purchased anything, meaning you haven't lost any points.
Contributed By: JAY007

Unlimited Bonus Points
Once you complete the game with an ending that distributes bonus points, watch the entire ending (including credits) again by selecting it from the Chapters menu to receive the bonus points as many times as you need.
Contributed By: Harvest Master

All Platforms

Extra points
After completed the game, watch all the end credits to be rewarded with 200 bonus points.
Go under the chapter menu and watch it again to get another 200 bonus points, repeat this you can get unlimited bonus points.
Contributed By: sephirosuy

Location of the bonus cards
(value is next to the location):

Lucas's Apartment:
in the kitchen cupboard 5
on the balcony 10

Central Park:
in the alley on the right 20

Naser and Jones:
a stall in the open space 5
in a toilets box 10
in Lucas' desk 10

near Markus 5

Agatha's House:
in the kitchen 5
in the bathroom 20
in Agatha's bedroom 10

Tiffany's Apartment:
in the street 20

The Museum:
in the room 5

The Fun Fair:
near a fence 20

The Subway:
on the rails 20

Police Station:
In the hall 10
desk drawer 5
in the open space 5
in the open space 20

behind the ring 10

The Archives:
in the boxes near the locked door 10

Carla's Apartment:
in the bathroom 10

The Lavomatic:
in the cart 10

Bellevue Asylum
in the corridor 10

Tyler's Apartment:
in the bathroom 10

Takeo's Shop:
on the first floor 20
near the stairs 20

Contributed By : Jeanne

Bonus Lives Locations

Listed by Chapter-Section-Location

Confession - Central Park - Markus' Crucifix

Alternate Reality - Naser and Jones - In a box near the door of Lucas' desk

Hide and Seek - Cemetery / Wishita - In the alley at the end of the cemetery

Meeting Agatha - Agatha's House - Talisman on bedside table

The Fun Fair - On the right near the exit

Where is Jade - The Orphanage - In a bedroom

Bogart - the Subway - In a wagon

Contributed By : Jeanne

Fahrenheit Cheater's Corner Thursday, September 29, 2005

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