Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) Videos

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Vivendi Universal Games
Fahrenheit Video - Trailer 100:02:24 Trailer 1Download 8426KB

Fahrenheit video - Angels00:02:03 Angels (Ingame video)Download 38MB

Fahrenheit Video - E3 2004 Trailer00:04:15 E3 2004 TrailerDownload 71MB

Atari Fahrenheit E3 2005 Trailer Ingame Video00:04:57 Fahrenheit E3 2005 Trailer Ingame Video Download 28MB

Fahrenheit Atari Trailer 1 - Get UP by Unwritten Law00:01:36 Fahrenheit Atari Trailer 1 - Get UP by Unwritten Law Download 52MB
Music: Get UP by Unwritten Law Album: Here's to the Morning (c) Lava Records

Fahrenheit Atari Trailer 200:02:35 Fahrenheit Atari Trailer 2 Download 26MB

Fahrenheit Atari Trailer 300:02:35 Fahrenheit Atari Trailer 3 This trailer the same to Trailer 2, but it's available to download from ATARI site both with different filenames. Possibly they have different dates. Download 26MB

00:00:32 Lo spot! (Promo Trailer Italiano) Download 2.7 MB

00:02:23 Music Trailer 2 Download 194MB
Music: Get UP by Unwritten Law Album: Here's to the Morning (c) Lava Records
Mirror 9.8 MB

Kanes Chronicles
Kanes Chronicles Part 100:02:38 Kanes Chronicles Part 1 Download 97 MB

Kanes Chronicles Part 200:02:35 Kanes Chronicles Part 2 Download 93 MB

Kanes Chronicles Part 300:02:45 Kanes Chronicles Part 3 Download 156 MB

Kanes Chronicles Part 400:02:40 Kanes Chronicles Part 4 Download 43 MB

Kanes Chronicles Part 5 00:02:33 Kanes Chronicles Part 5 Download 47 MB

Quantic DreamTrailer Fahrenheit official00:01:52 Trailer Fahrenheit official (The best trailer you want to know game about.) Download 22MB

Fahrenheit. Making Of 00:01:33 Fahrenheit. Making Of Download 3.01 MB

Sam's Illusion Dance00:02:09 2005 Sam's Illusion Dance (2005 New Year trailer) Download 36 MB
Music: Just an Illusion Remix by Lee John (c)JohnBoy Production

Adventure Europe David Cage Interview - Adventure Europe00:13:34 David Cage Interview english subtitles
GameSpot Indigo Prophecy Developer Interview00:03:50 Indigo Prophecy Developer Interview (Quantic Dream's Guillaume de Fondaumiere introduces you to the intricate world of Indigo Prophecy) Download 45 MB

Indigo Prophecy Publisher Interview00:02:32 Indigo Prophecy Publisher Interview (Eric Horowitz, Brand Manager. Atari) Aug 15, 2005 Download 30 MB

GameTeams (Electric Playground) Indigo Prophecy Publisher Interview00:01:04 Indigo Prophecy Publisher Interview (Cross the vast ocean to see how the French put together a truly unique game experience. From the developers who brought us Omikron: The Nomad Soul, Quantic Dream’s Guillaume De Fondaumiere guides us through the production of their latest endeavour, Indigo Prophecy. Date Unknown 2005) Download 32.7 MB

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Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) Videos Tuesday, August 02, 2005

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