Fahrenheit now also announced for 3G mobile phones

During a joint press conference held during the 3 GSM World Congress in Cannes on February 25th , Vivendi Universal Games, Wonder Phone and Quantic Dream announced a major collaboration around FAHRENHEIT, Quantic Dream’s upcoming video game.

FAHRENHEIT 3G will be the first interactive entertainment product specially designed for 3G mobile terminals. In addition to the strong narrative of the game, fully adapted to the interactive capabilities of the new 3G phones, the game will feature Streamezzo’s and Packetvideo’s revolutionary video interface and streaming technologies, offering the player full interactive sequences (Physical Action Reaction – or PAR).

FAHRENHEIT 3G is designed for episodic distribution : the adventure will be split up across 36 episodes, each featuring 10 to 15 minutes of game play and full video sequences. New episodes will be broadcast every week, the contents of which will be determined by the choices that the player made the previous week

F3G has been announced as mobile entertainment’s first super production, with more than 10 million Ђuros invested in the technology and editing tools that will be used in the production of the game.

The release of the game in its 3G version will be announced soon.

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Source: Quantic Dream
Language: English

Fahrenheit now also announced for 3G mobile phones Monday, March 01, 2004

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