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Following 4 years of hard work, QUANTIC DREAM is proud to announce that the production of FAHRENHEIT has reached a decisive turn last month. Most of the vast setting of our new action/adventure is entering “icing stage” – that is to say, the moment when we start polishing each and every pixel of in-game graphics and animation.

The right moment to get back to you….it’s kind of spring !

“So, when will the game be released ?”, you may ask. If I tell you November 21st 2004 it may sound “too precise to be true”, or maybe “the producer’s current best guess”. Well, let us say, this is the shipping date that both the team, the producer, the publisher and everyone else involved in the game consider reasonable to announce. We are on time, so take this one seriously….

“When will I finally get something to see ?”, is probably your next question. Well, for this too we have a pretty good answer : March 1st 2004, when the official website will be opened. But if you go to the updated Fahrenheit section of this site, you will get first information about our new project. It is not much, OK, but more is to come very soon now !

“Is the waiting really over ? ” you may end.

Yes, it is. Quantic Dream is back ON AIR, and will be posting regular and exciting news soon…promised J.


Source: Quantic Dream

Back on track Tuesday, February 10, 2004

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