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    Omikron Demo
    (5 links for download) 181 MB
    Xtreme Game Repack
    (High repack. 3 Links) 125 MB


    Omikron Русский перевод (uploading in progress..)
    2.02 МБ by 7Wolf
    Переведены тексты, меню карты, титры. Озвучка не меняется.

    User Manual

    Francais by Eidos
    PDF 2.0MB
    Deutsch by Eidos
    PDF 2.2MB


    (full NoCD patch. May be not worked with non-American versions) 364 KB
    CD Boot Sector by "UL"
    (Make a DVD from you 3 CD. Use programs like an UltraISO to make this. Or use as a virtual ISO if NoCD doesn't work) 343 KB
    If both not works try this (721 KB) for EU version or this (317 KB) for US version

    Visual Replaces

    Body Switcher by "M Voss"
    (Allows you to replace main or other personage by a one of 151 bodies) 2.42 MB
    TNS Character Selector by "Spinner"
    (Last Release 04/14/2000 with installation. Support English! and French. Allows to replace personages by another one from 190 various bodies ) 1.95 MB
    Reality Patch by "UL"
    (Based on the Nude Patch by Kayl_669. Makes some moments in game more real) 1 MB


    Save Game Editor by "Jornack"
    (Allows to modify personage skills) 16.9KB
    Saved games (358 KB) Maybe not works on some national versions
    Trainer to game (120 KB)


    Omikron TTF font by "Loic Normand"
    (Use this true type font in your operating system. No localization) 32KB (update in progress)


    Winamp skin The Nomad Soul
    (Simple skin for your WinAmp player) 257KB

    Files Thursday, November 13, 2003
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