Motion Capture

Full Body Optical Motion Capture

Our studio is equipped since Y2K with a high-resolution 24-camera Vicon Mcam Optical Motion Capture system from Oxford Metrics. We have a capturing area of 350mІ with a ceiling height of nearly 10 meters. The effective capture range is 7m x 4m x 3m height. This very large capture range enables us to capture complex animations such as:

· Set elements involved movements (vehicles, podiums, ball game facilities…);
· air and floor stunts (flying, kung-fu, high-level jumps; skate/ice figures…);
· Multi-character movements (combat scenes, love scenes, dancing…);.

Post-shoot processing is done with Vicon's Workstation and Kaydara's high-end FilmBox software for use in Maya / 3DS Max.

High-end Facial animation

To perfect the realism of our characters, we have also developed techniques that enable us to animate the characters' faces, even in full screen, with a stunning quality. We animate the characters with any kind of expressions, and make them speak with a striking result. Up to 24 points of the face are animated at the same time (including mouth, ears, eyes, eye brows, moustaches, wrinkles, etc…). And that, all in real time !

Some of the most prestigious names in cinema/advertising/video games have entrusted us their productions in recent years.

How does it work ?

Optical Motion Capture enables us to capture the movements of real actors using infrared cameras (full body). Reflective discs are placed on the actor's body. The reflected infrared light is tracked by the cameras in order to recreate the movement of the markers in a three-dimensional space. The data obtained is then applied to the skeletons of 3D characters, thus giving them perfectly fluid and natural movements.

All facial animations are created using a two hand Data Glove as well as proprietary software. A professional puppeteer animates the faces in real time for the dialogue phases. Multi-layered sessions enable the creation of even more realistic animations.

Sorce: Quantic Dream

Motion Capture Sunday, December 12, 1999

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