Nomad Soul Credits

Written and Directed by
David Cage
David Cage - Founder, President of the Board of Directors As a professional musician, David creates TOTEM INTERACTIVE in 1993, a company specialized in sound and music productions. Works as a freelance on original soundtracks for several video games for publishers such as Sony, Psygnosis, Virgin, Cryo or Sega. Writes sci-fi short stories and novels.Founds Quantic Dream in 1997. Game designer and writer of Omikron - The Nomad Soul and Fahrenheit.David is the creator of some of the most innovative concepts in video games of the past years.

Project Manager:
Olivier Demangel

Internal Producer:
Anne Devouassoux

Designs and Graphics:
Loic Normand

Lead Graphists:
Stephane Elbaz
Philippe Aballea
Olivier Demangel
Edouard Pham
Xavier Malard
Eric Seigaud
Pierre Roux
Pierre Roux -
Creating settings for Quark, a fantasy RPG/Adventure title in real-time 3D. Also currently a game analyst on Omikron at Quantic Dream.
Nathalie Chody
Tsoa Rakotoarisoa
Kamel Gali
Franck Aubessard
Amar Hamidi
Corentin Jaffre
Yann Legal

Thierry DoiZon Quark Art Director - not Omikron

Olivier Nallet
Fabien Fessard with
Frederic Hanoulle
Antoine Viau
Francois Kermorvant
Stephane Fournier
Julien Varnier
Christophe Vivet - Lead Engine Equipped with a mathematics and physics diploma and a computing management diploma.Started working in 1997 as a Junior Developer for "Shen technologies", a video game developer. Worked on Adidas Power Soccer 2 and Adidas Power Soccer 98 for PlayStation and PC for publisher Psygnosis, a Sony subsidiary.Joins Quantic Dream in 1998 as a Senior Programmer for Nomad Soul on PSX, Dreamcast and PC.Became Lead Programmer in 2000 for Fahrenheit, in charge of the development of the 3D engine technologies
Jean-Charles Meyrignac

Tony Lejuez
Christophe Leulier
Xavier Malard
Yan Le Gall

IAM Scripting:
Sophie Buhl - Lead Game Builder Equipped with a PhD in Banking and Finance.Joins Totem Interactive in 1993 as commercial and marketing manager.Joins Quantic Dream in 1996 as lead scripting (level design) on Omikron - The Nomad Soul.
Nathalie Chody
Audrey Leprince

Daniel Cinglant old site
David Cage

Christophe Leulier
Tsoa Rakotoarisoa
Marie Catherine Herveau
Anne Devouassoux
Regis Carlier

Sound Effects, Ambient & Additional tracks:
Xavier Despas

Original English Voices:
David Bowie
David Gasman
Paul Bandey
Karen Strassman
Christian Erickson
Barbara Weber
Gay Marshall
Edward Marcus
Allan Wenger
Joe Rezwin
Patrick Floersheim

Iman 1631:

The Dreamers:

David Bowie
Reeves Gabrels
Gail Ann Dorsey

Sound Enginner:
Jean-Jacques Toroella

Original Songs and Soundtracks:
Omikron Promotion
David Bowie & Reeves Gabrels

Facial Lipsynching and Dialogue Motion Capture:

Motion Capture Acting:
Marc Chung
Minh Minh Ngo
Pascal Gentil
Emmanuelle Parlant
Tony Dehas

Body Motion Capture by:
Acti System

Mr Bowie’s Motion Capture created & performed by
Edouard Locke

Herve Albertazzi

Producer (US)
Tom Marx

Senior Designer:
Philip Campbell

Additional Support:
Paul Glancey

QA Manager (UK):
Tony Bourne

QA Manager (US):
Michael McHale

QA Project Co-Ordinator:
Dominic Berzins

Senior Tester (UK):
David Rousseau

Testers (UK):
Nicolas Gianel
Guillaume Petit
David Asenkat
Jonathon Redington
Tyrone O'Neil
Linus Dominique
Jonathan Arday
Alexandre Lepoureau

Lead Tester (US):
Clayton Palma

Testers (US):
Chris Lovenguth
Pierre Roux
Corey Fong
Greg Rizzer
Lars Bakken
Carissa Shubb
Robert Swain

Compatibilty Testing (UK):
Jason Walker

Compatibility Testing (US):
E. Mark Smith

Holly Andrews
Flavia Timiani

Development Manager (Europe):
David Rose

Development Manager (US):
Nicholas Earl

Product Manager (UK):
Michael Newey

Product Manager (US):
Susan Boshkoff

Product Manager (Germany):
Marcus Berhens

Product Manager (France):
Olivier Salomon

PR (UK):
Jonathan Rosenblatt
Steve Starvis

PR (US):
Brian Kemp

PR (France):
Priscille Demoly

PR (Germany):
Sascha Green-Kaiser

Special Thanks To:
Eric W. Adams
Lee Briggs
Charles Cornwall
David Cox
Nick Davies
Rob Dyer
Robert Goodale
Frank Hom
John Kavanagh
Mike Kawahara
Debbie Lash
Ian Livingstone
Mike McGarvey
Matthew Miller
Rose Montgomery
James Poole
Jo Kathryn Reavis
Mike Schmitt
Rebecca Shearin
Paul Sheppard
Eva Whitlow
William Zysblat
Janey de Nordwall

Carol Ann Hanshaw

The Write Stuff

John for his faith. Bruno for believing when there really was no reason to. Iman, David and Reeves for their enthusiasm, their talent and their intelligence. Charles for accepting the challenge. Philip for his support and enthusiasm. Eidos and Eidos, France. Tony and Ed for the quality of the casting and devoting so much time to us. All the people that sent us encouraging e-mails and supported us from the start. Our wives and girlfriends for being patient and understanding. All the staff at Quantic Dream for the sleepless nights and the long week-ends.

Nomad Soul Credits Thursday, September 30, 1999

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